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Chuwit: Secret coalition deal includes Thaksin’s return

Former MP Chuwit Kamolvisit alleged that a secret deal to form a coalition government without the Move Forward Party includes a special package on former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s return to Thailand.


Bali to crack down on foreign tourists using crypto as payment

By Bernama and published by CNA

Bali authorities are getting tough on foreign tourists using crypto as payment with the use of currencies other than rupiah prohibited in Indonesia.


Illegal telecommunication devices seized in shopping mall raid

Some illegal telecommunication equipment were seized in a raid of a city-centre shopping mall today (May 28) with cyber police warning they will be mounting more such raids.


Thai coconut sundae a hit in San Diego

Two Thai men who are raking it in after opening a successful coconut ice cream parlour in San Diego have helped make Thai desserts better known in the US.


Pheu Thai to hold talks with Move Forward on House Speaker tussles

Pheu Thai said it is holding talks with Move Forward to end the jousting for the House Speaker post next week while reaffirming support for Pita Limjaroenrat to take the helm.


Siriraj says all beds for critical Covid patients full

Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital said there is no more room for critical Covid patients as all the beds are fully occupied with the emergency department also overflowing.


Russian tourist drowns at Patong beach

A Russian man drowned in front of his wife while swimming in the sea off Patong beach early this morning (May 27) with the lifeguard who quickly rescued him failing to revive him.


Hidden Pheu Thai agenda behind tug of war for House Speaker post

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The ongoing tug of war between Move Forward and Pheu Thai parties for the House speaker post is aimed at helping a candidate of the latter camp take the helm.


Policeman, rescuers chase panicked Kuwaiti man for a hour

A young Kuwaiti man who panicked at seeing a policeman and rescue team come to help after the taxi he was travelling in broke down on the motorway dashed off leading to an hour-long chase.


Man arrested on suspicion of killing girlfriend at resort

A Thai man was arrested after his girlfriend collapsed and died upon being beaten at a resort but as she had taken drugs police are waiting for autopsy results on the cause of death.


Fire at Pattaya condo from lights left on to grow marijuana

A fire at a Pattaya condo rented by a foreign man was sparked by leaving lights on to grow marijuana with firemen quickly extinguishing it.


Thaksin reserved, patient over Move Forward/Pheu Thai tussles

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

With a conflict rocking Pheu Thai and Move Forward parties the former’s de facto boss Thaksin Shinawatra has stayed unusually reserved and patient.


Top news anchor reveals 8.5 to 1 formula for sharing cabinet portfolios

A famous news anchor revealed details of Move Forward’s 8.5 to 1 formula in dividing cabinet portfolios among the eight coalition partners.


US offers faster 4.5-generation F-16 fighter jets to Thailand

US has offered the faster 4.5-generation F-16 fighter jets to the Thai air force after postponing sale of F-35A Lightning II stealth fighters with the procurement plan being carefully reviewed.


Gang of drivers caught using Stingrays to send fake links and steal cash

Some drivers were caught crawling the streets of Bangkok to send scam text messages by using a device called Stingray, or false base station, and stealing over 175 million baht.


Global superstar Tina Turner dies at 83

By AP and published by CNA

Legendary singer Tina Turner, whose hits included the chart-topping What’s Love Got To Do With It, died after a long illness at 83 in her Zurich home.


Bhumjaithai MP-designate faces vote-buying allegation

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Bhumjaithai MP-designate who won a big victory in Buriram was today (May 24) hit with a vote-buying allegation by the defeated Pheu Thai candidate.


US ambassador personally receives letter from pro-monarchy demonstrators

US Ambassador Robert F. Godec personally received a letter from pro-monarchy groups demonstrating in front of the embassy today (May 24) to voice their demand.


‘Big Joke’: Some people bought cyanide to commit suicide

The factory which sold cyanide to the serial killings suspect also sold some to traders who in turn resold it to the general public with nine to ten of the buyers having used it to commit suicide, police said.


Thailand’s power production stable as Vietnam kicks off nationwide blackouts

EGAT reassured that Thailand has sufficient supply of electricity after Vietnam launched nationwide rolling power cuts with disruptions possibly continuing till May 31.


Prawit dismisses hearsay of quitting as Palang Pracharath leader

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath leader Prawit Wongsuwan quashed rumours that he will soon quit thus opening the door for his party’s 41 MPs to join Pheu Thai and turn into the largest party.


Palang Pracharath might be dissolved to make Pheu Thai new core of coalition govt

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

It is possible for Palang Pracharath led by Prawit Wongsuman to be dissolved with the MPs hopping over to Pheu Thai thus making it the largest party and core of a coalition government.


Argument during pro-Pita rally at Parliament

A rally in support of Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat becoming the country’s prime minister at Parliament this evening (May 23) turned chaotic when a sole pro-monarchy demonstrator showed up and argued with them.


US puts off sale of F-35A fighters: Air force source

A Thai air force source said the US has delayed the sale of F-35A Lightning II stealth fighters to Thailand with the first two earlier due in 2034.


Black panther shows off cub at Kaeng Krachan National Park

A Kaeng Krachan National Park official shared photos of a black panther showing off her cub at a zone where lots of these big cats roam and is popular with ecotourists.


Move Forward-led coalition partners sign MoU

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Move Forward Party and its coalition partners signed a joint MoU with a key plan  being drafting a new constitution with the panel to do so being elected by the people.


Anutin posts picture of trip to HK to deny rumours of linking up with Thaksin

Bhumjaithai leader Anutin Charnvirakul posted a photo during a trip to Hong Kong over the weekend to deny rumours of holding talks on setting up a coalition government with former premier Thaksin Shinawatra rumoured also being there.


6 rescued as tour boat capsizes in Phang Nga Bay

Five tourists and the helmsman of a long-tail boat they were travelling in were all rescued after it capsized in Phang Nga Bay today (May 22) upon being hit by strong winds and high waves.


Over 10,000 Covid cases in Chonburi last week

Covid cases soared over 10,000 in Chonburi last week (May 14-20) with most of them being the elderly prompting a call to get a booster jab.


Private sector ‘confident senators will back Pita for PM’

The head of the Thai Condominium Association said the private sector is certain senators will back Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat for prime minister as they would not dare oppose the will of the voters.


Police prevent clash as pro-monarchy group stages rally

A rally by a pro-monarchy group in Ayutthaya led to another group displaying red garments showing up to chase them away triggering arguments but police managed to prevent a clash.


Elderly man shoots sister in inheritance row

An elderly Thai man who shot his sister and hit his brother in an inheritance row surrendered to police after being allowed to air his problem to the press.


Chart Pattana Kla excluded from Move Forward-led coalition

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward Party has excluded Chart Pattana Kla Party from the coalition government after strong protests from rank and file and members of the public.


New Party leaves Move Forward-led coalition

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The one-MP New Party has pulled out of Move Forward-led coalition government after being hit by strong social media criticism over its stance on lese majeste law.


Foreigner dies in Pattaya motorbike accident

An unidentified foreign man zooming down a Pattaya road this afternoon (May 20) died after hitting a footpath at the curve and being flung off by the force of the collision.


No joke: China’s backlash against stand-up stirs fear of comedy clampdown

By Reuters and published by CNA

A joke about the Chinese military by a stand-up comedian has led to the company that hired him being slapped with a $2 million fine and raised fears about survival of the stand-up scene.


Almost 10 million foreign tourists so far this year

The total number of foreign tourists holidaying in Thailand from the beginning of the year to May 15 climbed to 9.47 million with the biggest markets being east and south Asia plus Asean.


Chart Pattana Kla the 10th partner of Move Forward-led coalition

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Chart Pattana Kla with two MPs became the 10th party to join the Move Forward-led coalition taking the total to 316 MPs.


Another one-MP party joins Move Forward-led coalition govt

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Move Forward-led coalition increased to nine partners with 314 MPs today (May 19) after another one-MP party joined in.


‘Big Joke’: Cyanide killings suspect a heavy online gambler

Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn said cyanide serial killings suspect Ms. Sararat Rangsiwutthaporn was a heavy online gambler betting up to 10 million baht a day using chit fund cash and borrowed money to do so.


7.7 Magnitude earthquake causes small tsunami on South Pacific islands

By AP and published by NBC Bay Area

A 7.7 magnitude quake in the South Pacific triggered a small tsunami that caused no damage with the epicentre being near the Loyalty Islands of the French territory New Caledonia, to the west of Fiji and Vanuatu.


Some ‘renegade’ Palang Pracharath, Democrat MPs look to back Pita for PM

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Move Forward Party is attracting the support of some “renegade” MPs in Palang Pracharath and Democrat camps in endorsing party leader Pita Limjaroenrat for prime minister.


Move Forward-led coalition govt now consists of 8 partners with 313 MPs

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat said a coalition government led by his party now comprises eight parties with a total 313 MPs but talks on allocating portfolios have not begun.


Aussie TikTok influencer tests Phuket fruit vendor’s generosity

Australian TikToker Luke Erwin shared a video where a Phuket fruit vendor is tested for his generosity by being asked for a free fruit as he was hungry and broke and immediately getting one.


Farmers guarding durian orchards day and night after big price hike

Durian farmers at Tak province next to the Thai-Myanmar border are guarding their orchards around the clock to prevent theft after a big price rise this year.


Leaders of Move Forward-led coalition hold first meeting

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Move Forward-led coalition government is shaping up with leaders of seven parties joining in holding their first meeting at a ritzy Bangkok restaurant.


Senators’ bloc against voters’ consensus will have a price to pay: Pita

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat warned senators that there is a price to pay for going against the voters’ consensus with 25 million people having given his party a huge victory.


Seized cash returned to vote-buying suspect

A grocery store owner got 195,000 baht police had seized from him on suspicion it was to be used to buy votes back today (May 17) after no evidence was found to support the charge.


Teen girl, 2 youths held for killing Chinese factory owner

A teenage girl and two youths were arrested for stabbing a Chinese businessman to death at a resort in Trang after she asked for help upon being assaulted by her sex client.


63 ‘pro-democracy’ senators urged to help with Pita’s bid for PM

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Move Forward MP-designate urged 63 senators seen to be pro-democracy to cast their vote in favour of party leader Pita Limjaroenrat becoming the country’s next prime minister.


Move Forward to clear up senators’ doubts over campaign policies

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward wants to hold talks with senators to ease their doubts about its campaign policies while party leader Pita Limjaroenrat is busy forging a coalition government.


First MP resigns for drunk driving charge

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Move Forward party-listed MP resigned today (May 16) after being caught and charged with drunk driving at a Bangkok police checkpoint.


Polish suspect arrested amid gory accusation by cabbie

A Polish man suspected to have killed his girlfriend was arrested while trying to flee to Cambodia while a cabbie told police he tried to hire him to help dismember her body.


AIS introduces HBO programmes to AIS Play, set-top box

AIS has introduced HBO programmes on both its AIS Play streaming service and Playbox set-top box with five HBO channels available for viewers.


Bhumjaithai, Chart Thai Pattana may be included in Move Forward-led coalition govt: Wanchai

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A senator suggested that Bhumjaithai, Chart Thai Pattana and a few other parties be included in a Move Forward-led coalition to get enough votes for Pita Limjaroenrat to become the prime minister.


Six-party coalition govt in the making: Pita

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat has forged  a six-party coalition with Pheu Thai and four other parties joining in for a combined 304 MPs.


Move Forward, Pheu Thai emerge as 2 largest parties with 292 MPs

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward and Pheu Thai emerged as the biggest parties in yesterday’s general election with a total of 292 MPs while Bhumjaithai placed third.


Move Forward scores surprise victory; Pita to become PM

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward romped to a huge surprise victory in yesterday’s general election with party leader Pita Limjaroenrat now ready to take the helm.


Boyfriend hunted in death of Ukrainian woman

Police are chasing a Polish man who is believed to be heading for the Thai-Cambodian border after his Ukrainian girlfriend was found dead in a Bangkok condo.


Pita confident Move Forward will get over 100 MP seats

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat is confident of getting over 100 MP seats after three exit polls indicated his party will sweep 32 out of 33 Bangkok constituencies.


Pheu Thai Chiang Mai chief accepts Move Forward is really strong

Pheu Thai’s Chiang Mai chief admitted that Move Forward Party’s surge is really strong as with 30% of the votes counted it is leading in seven constituencies while his party is ahead in three.


Angry wife shoots husband at polling station

An angry woman fired three shots at her husband after he went to vote with his mistress in Samut Prakan while some ballot papers were torn elsewhere.


Police probing vote buying in 8 provinces while 20 ballot papers torn nationwide

Police are probing voting buying cases in eight provinces while altogether 20 ballot papers were torn nationwide up to the final hour of voting.


Pita looks to becoming PM for two straight terms

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat said in his final campaign speech that he aims to be the prime minister for two straight terms while not having anything to do with the “uncles”.


Arson suspected in Nan garbage dump fire

A fierce fire raged for over an hour at a garbage dump in Nan with the city mayor suspecting arson.


Army boosts election day security in southernmost provinces

The Fourth Army Region is stepping up security during tomorrow’s general election in the three southernmost provinces plus four Songkhla districts after over 30 arson attacks and a bombing yesterday.


Body of murdered mixed-race teen’s girlfriend found buried in forest

The body of the girlfriend of a half Thai and British teenager who was murdered in Lampang last Sunday (May 7) was found buried in a forest after a week-long search.


Russia acknowledges retreat north of Bakhmut, Wagner boss calls it a ‘rout’

By Reuters and published by Cyprus Mail

Russian acknowledged its forces had retreated north of Bakhmut with the head of Russia’s Wagner private army calling a rout but Ukraine denied a huge counteroffensive has officially begun.


Settha vows to quit race for PM if Pheu Thai links up with Palang Pracharath

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

One of Pheu Thai’s three prime minister candidates Settha Taweesin said he will quit the race for premiership if his party links up with Palang Pracharath headed by Prawit Wongsuwan.


Chuwit happy with Prawit’s stance on free cannabis

Graft-buster and anti-cannabis campaigner Chuwit Kamolvisit waylaid Palang Pracharath leader Prawit Wongsuwan to question him about his stance on decriminalising marijuana and was pleased with the reply.


Traffic warning as 8 parties hold campaign rallies in Bangkok this afternoon

With as many as eight campaign rallies being held in Bangkok and its vicinity from afternoon till evening today (May 12) police are out in full force to manage the traffic flow with the public warned to plan their trips in advance to avoid snarl-ups.


Ranger killed in Yala bombing after over 30 arson attacks

A ranger was killed and 3 others injured in a bombing by southern insurgents this morning (May 12) after over 30 telephone antenna towers and poles were set ablaze overnight.


20.88 million Gen Xers largest generation of voters

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

It is Gen Xers who form the largest voter-eligible age group in Sunday’s general election totalling 20.88 million followed by Gen Yers then by Baby Boomers.


Chuwit elated as court dismisses Bhumjaithai’s protection petition

Graft-buster Chuwit Kamolvisit is getting ready for an anti-cannabis run this evening (May 11) after the court rejected Bhumjaithai’s temporary protection petition against him.


Woman badly hurt in multi-vehicle crash

A woman was badly hurt in a pileup after losing control of her sedan and hitting a truck which in turn hit two other vehicles today (May 11).


Man saved from jumping down from Asoke BTS station

An unidentified man was persuaded to not kill himself by jumping down from BTS Asoke station during this morning’s (May 11) rush hour.


TPBS confirms iTV Plc, subsidiary have shut down

It has been confirmed that iTV Plc, the media company in which Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat holds 42,000 inherited shares, was shut down in 2007.


Deported Nigerian who sneaked back to Thailand nabbed in Phuket

A Nigerian man who had been arrested on a drug charge and deported a few years ago was arrested in Phuket today (May 10) after sneaking back into the country.


Thai food exports seen at record high this year – industry group

By Reuters and published by CNA

Thai food exports are soaring to a record high this year amid food shortages throughout the supply chain and concerns about food security.


Tangmo Nida’s mum happy her ‘sons’ got suspended sentences

Deceased actress Tangmo Nida’s mother said she is happy two suspects in her death got suspended sentences as they were both her “sons” and taking good care of her.


At last, Thaksin says he is coming back within July

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Former premier Thaksin Shinawatra revealed today (May 9) that he intends to return to Thailand within upcoming July while his daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra is competing for premiership under Pheu Thai’s banners.


Pita explains media shares were inherited

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat clarified that the 42,000 iTV Plc shares focused on by a Palang Pracharath candidate in a bid to disqualify him were inherited and he is only the estate manager.


Not true 2 tropical storms to hit Thailand on election day: Minister

DES Minister Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn quashed social media rumours that two tropical storms will hit Thailand on election day, May 14, while warning of continuous rain in many areas.


Man held for killing mixed-race youth over drug deal

A half Thai and British youth was beaten to death in Lampang by a Thai man who failed to get some drugs he was to deliver with his girlfriend still missing.


Election Commission told to halt online smearing campaign against Pheu Thai

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Pheu Thai Party asked the polling agency to quickly stamp out an online smearing campaign by unknown cyber warriors using avatars.


Nearly 200,000 voters did not show up in advance polling

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Nearly 200,000 voters failed to show up for advance polling outside their constituencies yesterday (May 7), the polling agency said.


Complaints filed on vote buying during advance voting

The polling agency received various complaints about advance voting that took place yesterday (May 7) alleging vote buying and officials not being neutral.


Over a million people sign online petition to remove polling agency

Amid allegations of errors during yesterday’s advance voting, over a million people have now signed an online petition calling for the removal of election commissioners.


Meth pills found in pick-up truck crushed by truck

Methamphetamine pills were found in a pick-up truck that was crushed by a trailer-truck while trying to overtake it with the driver dead at the scene.


Army ranger nabbed for taking picture of marked ballots in Kanchanaburi

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An army ranger was arrested for taking a photo of his ballots after marking them during today’s advance voting and now faces legal action.


Chadchart’s CCTVs watching ballot boxes

Surveillance cameras and motion detectors have been installed at all Bangkok voting stations to guard advance vote ballot boxes until election day next Sunday May 14 when the votes will be counted.


No departure tax being implemented: Revenue Department

The Revenue Department denied it is going to start collecting 1,000 baht air departure tax from Thais and foreign residents with public hearings being held to comply with a key law.


Actress meets police on buying cyanide, confirms only meant to repel pests

Popular actress Preechaya Pongthananikorn, or Ice, met the police on buying a bottle of cyanide from the same batch as serial killings suspect did and confirmed it was to be used to repel pests.


Move Forward Party is the favourite in both modes: Thai Rath Poll

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward Party topped the latest opinion poll in both electoral modes with party leader Pita Limjaroenrat leading the race for premiership.


Minority government would be short-lived: Varawut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Chart Thai Pattana leader Varawut Silpa-archa warned that a minority government would only be short-lived and very likely to be dissolved before yearend.


King Charles and Queen Camilla crowned in historic ceremony

By Reuters and published by CNA

King Charles III was crowned in an ancient rite at Westminster Abbey today (May 6) with this being the culmination of a seven-decade journey from heir to monarch. Charles’ second wife Camilla was also crowned queen.


Foreigner held for working without permit during Full Moon party

A Ukrainian man was arrested for working for a Koh Phangan motorcycle rental company without a permit during last Thursday’s Full Moon party.


Police track down accomplice who ordered cyanide for suspect

Police now know who ordered the cyanide for the suspect in the serial killings with there being another person knowledgeable about investigation work who helped her.


Binance faces US probe of possible Russian sanctions violations – Bloomberg News

By Reuters – published by US News & World Report and NBC News

Binance Holdings is facing an investigation on letting Russia skirt US sanctions while the Russian mercenary chief says his fighters will withdraw from Bakhmut next week.


Nine-year-old Prayut regime coming to an end: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

With most people not wanting caretaker prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to stay on at the helm, his nine-year-old regime is definitely coming to an end, an academic said.


Move Forward’s Bangkok contestants simultaneously occupy intersection corners

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

All Move Forward candidates simultaneously occupied intersection corners across Bangkok today (May 5) as they drummed up support with the general election drawing near.


Prayut might prolong rule with minority government: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Caretaker prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is likely thinking about setting up a minority government after the general election which would be a heavy blow for the voters, an academic said.


Bought cyanide to kill dangerous animals?

While actress Preechaya Pongthananikorn, or Ice, and her mother admitted to buying a bottle of cyanide to kill poisonous animals, a veterinarian said it’s dangerous doing so and no one uses this method.


Gunman points revolver in point-blank range at candidate’s employee in Buriram

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Palang Pracharath candidate’s campaign employee was threatened by a gunman in Buriram, which is seen to be Bhumjaithai Party’s capital.


Farmer in tears after durian trees start dying upon being poisoned

A durian orchard owner is heart-broken at discovering that some unknown men had poisoned 20 of his 25 durian trees, leading to a long-term loss of 30 million baht.


Popular actress ordered cyanide from same factory serial killings suspect did

A well-known actress ordered cyanide from the same factory that the serial killings suspect had purchased the lethal poison with around a hundred online buyers having done so.


Palang Pracharath likely joining Pheu Thai-led coalition: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath Party headed by Prawit Wongsuwan will likely join a Pheu Thai-led coalition government after the election and help name Paetongtarn Shinawatra candidate for prime minister, an academic said.


Pita remains top favourite for PM: NIDA poll

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat topped the NIDA poll as the favourite candidate for prime minister after the May 14 general election.


Update: Arrest warrant out for cyanide case suspect’s policeman ex-husband

An arrest warrant has been issued for a policeman who is the former husband of cyanide serial killings suspect on three charges involving embezzlement and fraud.


Potassium cyanide in 3 tea bags found in suspect’s car: Academic

An academic testing a lot of evidence linked to cyanide serial killings has found potassium cyanide in three sachets that look like tea bags found in the suspect’s sedan.


TikTok clip of Prayut’s traffic-halting motorcade gone viral

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Tiktok clip showing road traffic being halted in Songkhla for caretaker prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has gone viral with negative comments made about this privilege.


Court rescinds polling agency’s ban on ex-Democrat MP

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Supreme Court revoked an order by the polling agency banning a former Democrat MP from contesting the upcoming election in Nakhon Nayok over holding 200 AIS shares.


Over 8.5 million foreign tourists so far, spending tops 355 billion baht

Over 8.5 million foreign tourists came to Thailand during the first four months of this year with total spending topping 353 billion baht, the Tourism and Sport Ministry said.


‘Policeman’ faces arrest over cyanide killings

Evidence points to a second suspect in the cyanide serial killings while the lethal poison has been traced to a company in Bangkok, Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn said.


Biden: US-Philippines ‘ironclad’ partners amid China tension

By AP and published by Yahoo!News

US President Joe Biden reiterated that US commitment to the defence of the Philippines was “ironclad,” including in the South China Sea where Manila is under pressure from China, during talks with Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.


Thaksin vows again to return home upon birth of 7th grandchild

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Former premier Thaksin Shinawatra again said he is returning home to babysit his grandchildren after his daughter Pheu Thai partisan candidate for prime minister Paetongtarn Shinawatra gave birth to a baby boy today (May 1).


 Demand for 712 baht minimum wage nationwide at May Day rally

At a May Day rally outside the Government House, Thai workers called for an equal minimum wage of 712 baht nationwide among other demands.


Police raid Indian casino at Pattaya hotel amid claims of a big bribe being paid

Over 80 Indian gamblers were arrested at a Pattaya hotel where a conference hall was turned into a casino last night (May 1) with 200 million baht revolving funds found amid claims of 2.4 million baht bribe being paid.


Last day of advance voting at embassy in Washington DC

With today (Apr. 30) being the last of the three-day advance voting at the Thai embassy in Washington DC registered voters are flocking in to do so while postal voting ends on Tuesday (May 2).


14 cyanide deaths so far, more being investigated

The total number of cyanide killings has now climbed to 14 with the court asked to issue three arrest warrants against the suspect while 11 more complaints are being investigated.


Si Racha badly flooded with some cars floating away in floodwaters

Chonburi’s Si Racha district was heavily flooded after three hours of torrential rain with some cars floating away in floodwaters while the Met Department issued another summer storm warning.


Pita top pick for next PM: Matichon/Daily News Poll

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat emerged as the favourite in the race to become the prime minister after the upcoming election in the latest Matichon/Daily News poll followed by Pheu Thai candidate Paetongtarn Shinawatra.


Air force trainer crashlands killing one pilot, injuring another

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An air force trainer plane crashlanded while touching down at an airfield in Nakhon Pathom today (Apr. 29) killing one pilot and injuring another.


Police say cyanide serial killings could rise to 20

Police working hard on the cyanide serial killing case say the total number of victims could rise to 20 from 13 mysterious deaths identified so far to go by the suspect’s bank accounts.


Two dead at Surat Thani wedding shootout

Two men attending a wedding at a Surat Thani hotel came out to the parking lot and after a heated argument shot each other dead with two women also getting injured.


Pheu Thai landslide win depends on 7 ‘strategic’ provinces: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An academic said whether Pheu Thai romps to a landslide victory depends on its performance in seven strategic provinces where fierce competition is raging.


Fatal cyanide dose found in bodies of two victims

Fatal amount of cyanide had been found in the bodies of two of out 13 victims identified so far with traces of the poison also discovered in the suspect’s sedan but this is being double- checked.


Seacon Square unveils Thailand’s first solar air-conditioned bus stop

Amid extreme heat this summer, Seacon Square shopping centre today (Apr. 28) unveiled Thailand’s first solar air-conditioned bus stop fitted with various facilities.


Southern contestants dump own parties to help Prayut: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A disturbing development is taking place in the South with many candidates having encouraged voters to pick the pro-Prayut Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party on the party-listed ballot and ignore their own camp.


‘Big Joke’: 13th cyanide poisoning victim found

The total number of cyanide killings has jumped to 13 with Deputy National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Surachate Hakparn saying the suspect killed them to clear debt.


Police know where cyanide killing suspect got poison from

Police investigating the cyanide killing of a young woman and possible link to 12 other mysterious deaths have found out where the suspect got the lethal poison from.


Russian man dies in fall from Phuket shopping mall car park

A Russian man plunged to his death from the third floor of a car park building at a Phuket shopping mall this morning (Apr. 27) after going in there alone.


China’s Xi has first talks with Ukraine’s Zelensky since Russia’s invasion

By Agencies and published by CNA

Chinese leader Xi Jinping and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymr Zelensky spoke by phone on Wednesday, in their first known conversation since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Beijing sending a special envoy to Ukraine.


EU diplomats concerned over possible dissolution of major party: Anutin

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

EU ambassadors said in talks with Bhumjaithai leader Anutin Charnvirakul that they are concerned about a major Thai party being dissolved by court either before or after the election.


Polling agency told to fix barely visible Move Forward logo on sample ballots

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Move Forward Party petitioned the polling agency to fix the barely visible party logo on sample ballots before the upcoming election.


Thai in US returns 13 Ban Chiang antiquities to the country

A Thai man living in the US returned 13 Ban Chiang antiquities to the country as national treasures with these handed over to the Fine Arts Department yesterday (Apr. 25).


Cyanide poisoning case suspect rushed to hospital as mysterious deaths climb to 10

The suspect in a cyanide poisoning case was rushed to the hospital last night (Apr. 26) after her blood pressure spiked while the number of mysterious deaths has risen to 10 but one victim survived.


‘Lieutenant general’ charged in sadistic sex case

Songkhla police have charged an army medical doctor allegedly holding the rank of “lieutenant general” with deliberately assaulting others after a young man complained of being badly injured while having sex with him.


Biden, 80, makes 2024 presidential run official as Trump fight looms

By Reuters and published by Yahoo!News

US President Joe Biden has formally announced he is seeking a second term, setting the stage for a potential rematch against his predecessor, Donald Trump.


Pheu Thai campaign signs spotted in royal premises, quickly removed

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The City Hall quickly removed several Pheu Thai campaign signs from sidewalks of a road in a distant Bangkok district because this area is officially within the royal premises.


Policeman’s wife held over cyanide killing, link to 6 more deaths probed

The wife of a deputy superintendent of a Ratchaburi police station has been arrested after a young woman died through cyanide poisoning with link to six more mysterious deaths being probed.


Young man suing ‘lieutenant general’ for sadistic sex

A young man who was badly wounded after sadistic sex with a soldier he claims holds the rank of lieutenant general is taking legal action against him while the army has launched an investigation.


Lawyers urge senators to okay PM candidate backed by majority of MPs

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Lawyers Association of Thailand urged senators to support the partisan candidate for prime minister backed by a majority of MPs to take the helm after the election.


Waterworks aiming to hike rate after cost jumps 15-20%

Another shock awaits the public as both metropolitan and provincial waterworks are moving to hike rates after production cost jumped by 15-20 percent.


Beware of power banks exploding in the summer heat

A young woman whose house almost burnt down after an unplugged power bank exploded warned people to be careful of such accidents in the current hot weather.


Top election official in Myanmar assassinated by guerrillas

By AP and published by CNA

A high-ranking election official was killed in Yangon and a resistance group has claimed responsibility for the attack as violence escalates in the country.


Korn slams move to reduce power bills – cut is only 2 satang

Chart Pattana Kla Party leader Korn Chatikavanij blasted the move to cut power bills to 4.70 baht a unit from the planned hike to 4.77 baht pointing out comparison should be made with this month’s rate of 4.72 baht a unit which is a saving of 2 not 7 satang.


Oil slicks wash up on Bang Saen beach

Tourists visiting Bang Saen beach in Chonburi today (Apr. 23) faced pollution as oil slicks were continuously washing up ashore while sanitation workers were doing their best to quickly clean up the mess.


Broke guard nabbed for stabbing motorcycle taxi rider to death

A broke security guard who stabbed a motorcycle taxi rider to death and zoomed off  on his bike was tracked down and arrested in Saraburi province.


Settha won’t be deciding whether Pheu Thai links up with Palang Pracharath: Thammanat

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath MP candidate Thammanat Prompao pointed out that Settha Thaweesin, one of three Pheu Thai candidates for prime minister, does not have the final say on whether the two parties forge an alliance.


Move Forward gaining popularity with clear-cut standpoints: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Rangsit University academic sees Move Forward Party gaining ground with its clear-cut campaign standpoints compared to Pheu Thai Party’s relatively noncommittal stance.


BMA: Thousands catching Covid in Bangkok everyday

A post-Songkran festival Covid spike has hit Bangkok with the number of in-patients jumping to a maximum 700 a day while the daily total cases is estimated to reach thousands.


Two Russian teens arrested in gang attack on rival at Pattaya market

Two Russian teenagers who joined a big gang of youths in storming a Pattaya market at 5 a.m. this morning (Apr. 22) and then attacked a rival teenager have been arrested.


Thanathorn points to structural unfairness at campaign rally

Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit said structural unfairness is the root cause of the country’s problems and decentralisation is the key to improvement.


Resort owner shocked as power bill soars over 700,000 baht

A resort owner’s Tiktok video complaining about this month’s electricity bill having soared over 700,000 baht attracted a lot of comments from netizens who have been similarly hit.


Indian businessman escapes beating by son and his friends

An Indian businessman jumped from a moving car in Pattaya late last night (Apr. 20) to escape being beaten by his own son and his friends.


SpaceX Starship, world’s biggest rocket, explodes during first flight test

By AFP and published by CNA

Despite SpaceX Starship dramatically exploding during its ascent, Elon Musk declared the first test flight a success, with learning points for the next test launch “in a few months”.


Move Forward to shun Pheu Thai-led govt if Palang Pracharath is included: Pita

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat said his party would not join a Pheu Thai-led government if Palang Pracharath is included as it is firmly against military regimes.


3 hurt as aluminium sheet falls from hospital building under construction

An aluminium sheet being hoisted up a building under construction at Chulalongkorn Hospital suddenly fell to the ground injuring three people and damaging a police sedan.


8 policemen hurt in Pattani bomb blast

Eight out of 10 policemen travelling in a vehicle got injured, one seriously, after insurgents set off an improvised explosive device in Pattani.


Thailand gears up to evacuate citizens from Sudan as fighting rages on

By Matichon and AFP – published by CNA

The Foreign Ministry is holding a meeting this afternoon (Apr. 20) on evacuating around 300 Thais trapped in Sudan where fighting between the army and paramilitaries has killed at least 270 people.


Cambodia PM Hun Sen’s son becomes four-star general

Cambodian leader Hun Sen’s eldest son Hun Manet was officially promoted to the rank of four-star general today (Apr. 20) in another indication that he will succeed his father in future.


No party looking to set up minority government: Prawit

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath boss Prawit Wongsuwan said no party, particularly his own, aims to set up an unstable minority government after next month’s general election.


Palang Pracharath will very likely do better than Ruam Thai Sang Chart: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An academic said it is very likely for Palang Pracharath headed by Prawit Wongsuwan to get more MPs than pro-Prayut Ruam Thai Sang Chart in the upcoming election.


New labour law supporting work from home setup takes effect

Taking effect today (Apr. 19) after promulgation in the Royal Gazette is a new labour law supporting work from home arrangements between employers and employees with the latter having the right to refuse contact after working hours.


Woman who defrauded New Zealand Ambassador caught after 14 years

A woman who was part of a gang that had defrauded the New Zealand Ambassador to Thailand by making a copy of his credit card and spending over 10 million baht in 2008 was finally caught yesterday (Apr. 18).


Voters urged to press senators to pick PM according to results

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An academic urged voters to pile pressure on senators to choose a prime minister according to the general election results.


Two suspects in RCA shooting denied bail

Two men accused of firing shots at RCA clubbing zone leading to eight Songkran revellers being injured were denied bail today (Apr. 18) while maintaining they were not the gunmen.


Farmer gives away over 400 kg of durian to mark birthday

A farmer in Trat celebrated his 46th birthday today (Apr. 18) by distributing over 400 kilogrammes of durian to passers-by free of charge.


Songkran Festival death toll drops by 5%

Latest statistics show that the death toll during Songkran Festival’s “seven dangerous days” dropped by 5% from last year’s total but there were comparatively more road accidents.


Pheu Thai’s popularity might ebb over digital wallet policy

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Pheu Thai team is worried that the party’s popularity might decrease should money have to be borrowed to fund its 10,000-baht digital wallet policy.


Most voters have already decided who, which party to vote for: Academic

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An academic said most voters have already chosen who and which party to vote for while Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat will surge ahead.



Myanmar man found dead, likely infected with new Omicron strain

A Myanmar man who was found dead in his room in Sathorn district was likely infected with the new Omicron subvariant XBB. 1.16 amid a warning of a post-Songkran spike.


8 injured in shooting at RCA clubbing zone

A young gunman who fired shots on the ground in front of a club at RCA following a quarrel with one of the revellers leading to eight people getting injured was immediately arrested.


Yellen says sanctions may risk hegemony of US dollar

By AFP and published by CNA

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said sanctions imposed on Russia and other countries put the dollar’s dominance at risk but it is not easy to find an alternative.


Paetongtarn still most popular for PM: NIDA Poll

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The second round of NIDA Poll shows that Paetongtarn Shinawatra, daughter of Thaksin Shinawatra, is still the most popular candidate for prime minister followed by Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat.


12 fishing boats capsize amid strong winds, high waves

The southern region is being buffeted by strong winds and large waves today (Apr. 16) with 12 fishing boats having capsized in Nakhon Si Thammarat and many fishermen missing while a ferry sank halfway in Surat Thani.


Policeman who killed relatives, wife and son wants to surrender

Relatives of a policeman who killed three other relatives, his wife and son told the authorities that wants to surrender as he does not want to fight fellow policemen.


High PM2.5 pollution levels in 40 provinces, over 1,000 hotspots

The Thai space agency said there were 1,096 hotspots in Thailand yesterday (Apr. 14) with PM2.5 pollution exceeding the safe limit in over 40 provinces.


Big team of policemen surround reservoir where killer cop is hiding

A hundred policemen surrounded the forest around a reservoir in Surat Thani today (Apr. 15) in search of a policeman who first killed some of his relatives and later his wife and son.


Six simultaneous attacks in Far South

Insurgents launched six simultaneous attacks in the three Far South provinces last night (Apr. 14) but there were no injuries nor serious damage.


Palang Pracharath aims to get one MP from each Isaan province

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath has set its sights on getting at least 20 constituency MPs in Isaan, one from each of its 20 provinces, with a link up with Pheu Thai possible.


Thai police arrest suspect wanted by FBI

By Naewna and

A German-American man wanted by the FBI on the charges of fraud and money laundering was arrested at his condo in Ladprao today (Apr. 14) with nine others already apprehended in the US.


Bike taxi rider threatens foreign tourists in Pattaya

An elderly motorcycle taxi rider chased two Hong Kong Chinese tourists with a fruit knife in Pattaya after a quarrel flared up over the fare of a kilometre-long ride.


Japan approves Osaka as site of country’s first casino

By Reuters and published by CNA

Japan gave the green light for a project to build the country’s first casino in Osaka amid forecasts it will attract 6 million international tourists.


More Americans see China as an enemy: Survey

By CNA and agencies

A survey by the think-tank Pew found that more Americans see China as an enemy of the US following a string of run-ins including a spy balloon being shot down over US airspace.


Pheu Thai’s digital wallet plan less costly than other parties’ schemes: Somchai

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A former election commissioner pointed out that Pheu Thai’s 10,000 baht digital wallet policy would be less costly compared to what other camps have promised.


Chadchart joins revellers in having a splashing good time

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt got thoroughly wet when he opened Maha Songkran Festival on Khao San road this afternoon (Apr. 13) while other revellers enjoyed themselves in front of Central World.


93 kg heroin, over 160 kg Ice seized, some heading for Australia

A tip-off led to the seizure of 93 kg of heroin and over 160 kg Ice in raids on a warehouse and two condos with some of the heroin just about to be shipped to Australia.


Move Forward expects to get 70-80 MPs

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Move Forward has set its sights on getting 70-80 MPs in the upcoming election which is roughly close to 88 seats obtained by Future Forward in the 2019 poll.


Pheu Thai’s promised digital wallet merely post-election payoff: Ex-senator

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A former senator sees Pheu Thai’s campaign-pledged 10,000-baht digital wallet for all adolescents and adults nationwide as merely a post-election payoff.


Police don’t believe 9near hacker bought data from dark web

Although an army officer whose alias is 9near now says he did not hack to get personal data of 55 million Thais but bought it on the dark web, cyber police don’t believe him.


9near hacker surrenders, being quizzed

An army officer identified as 9near hacker was brought by a team of soldiers to surrender to cyber police and is now being questioned as is his girlfriend.


Over 900 international chartered flights so far this year

With the aviation and tourism industries soaring the number of international chartered flights too jumped over 900 the first four months of this year with action also taken to bring down domestic airfares.


Thai Sang Thai only hoping for 25 Isaan MPs out of total 132

By Thai Newsroom Reporters