The Anti-Prayut protest near the Government House today (Sept. 25). Photo: Siam Rath

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Water rockets launched toward Govt House by anti-Prayut street protesters

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Protesters heaping pressure on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down set off water rockets towards Government House today (Sept. 25) and also confronted crowd-control police.


Big business heiress slams sedan into wedding dress rental shop during curfew

The heiress of a big Thai business broke the curfew and slammed her Mercedes Benz sedan into a wedding dress rental shop in Sukhumvit Soi 71 at 1 a.m. this morning (Sept. 25).


Krabi residents slam holding 10-day tourism event amid Covid crisis

People in Krabi blasted the holding of Thailand SHA SHA SHA tourism event in three provinces despite the coronavirus outbreak still lingering on.


Police gear up for rallies by three groups of protesters

All Metropolitan policemen were ordered to focus on crowd control as three protest groups are rallying from today (Sept. 24) till Sunday (Sept. 26).


Stir-fried minced pork with basil and rice but without cooking oil, anyone?

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A roadside food shop owner in Rayong has taken the popular Thai dish stir-fried minced pork with basil and rice a step ahead by cooking the meat without any oil which brings down the price.


1,633 Covid cases in Bangkok while national tally tops 12,000 

Bangkok’s Covid tally dropped to 1,633 today (Sept. 24) while the national count remained steady at 12,697 cases but there were 132 deaths.


Tropical depression Dianmu to lash Thailand tonight

A large part of Thailand including Bangkok and its vicinity faces heavy rain as tropical storm Dianmu that has downgraded to a tropical depression slams into the country tonight (Sept. 24).


Retiring undersecretary of Interior will not be welcome to Prawit’s party

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Deputy Premier Prawit Wongsuwan is keeping Palang Pracharath Party’s door shut to the retiring undersecretary of Interior and is sticking to Thammanat Prompow as the party’s secretary general.


Four Bangkok police booths set ablaze, many others damaged

Four police booths in Bangkok were set on fire last night (Sept. 23) and several others damaged with police blaming youth protesters for the destruction.


Thanathorn’s niece slapped with lese majeste charges

Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit’s teenage niece faces lese majeste charges over a tweet she put out earlier this year after the Thailand Help Centre for Cyberbullying Victims filed a complaint against her.


Minister denies foot-dragging on additional US vaccine donation

The Thai government denied not signing and sending back documents on an additional 1 million doses of Pfizer vaccine US intends to donate.


Reopening of Bangkok to vaccinated tourists being put off to Nov. 1

The Tourism Authority of Thailand is to propose to the Covid administrators that the reopening of Bangkok and four provinces be postponed to Nov. 1


Prawit denies butting heads with Prayut, pledges love ‘until death do us part’

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Deputy Premier Prawit Wongsuwan today (Sept. 22) denied having any conflicts with Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha whom he has loved for five decades while blaming the press for spreading these rumours.


Chilli sauce shop sells out after evicting red-shirt TV host

The chilli sauce shop that evicted a red-shirt TV host despite a month-long appointment today (Sept. 22) said most of its products were sold out overnight.


Myanmar town near India border sees exodus as thousands flee fighting

By Reuters and published by Channel NewsAsia

A Myanmar town near the Indian border is now almost empty as most of its residents have fled across the  border amid fighting between militia forces and the army.


Palang Pracharath Party not naming Prayut candidate for PM in next election

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Palang Pracharath Party headed by Deputy Premier Prawit Wongsuwan will not be naming Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha as its lame duck candidate for premiership in the next election.


Red-shirt TV programme host evicted from chilli sauce shop

Rocking the Thai social media today (Sept. 21) is the eviction of a red-shirt TV programme host and her film crew from a chilli sauce shop despite a month-long appointment.


Daily Covid count drops to 10,919 cases, Bangkok’s total 2,561

Thailand’s Covid tally dropped to 10,919 cases and 143 deaths today (Sept. 21) with Bangkok’s total being 2,561 new infections and 40 fatalities.


Myanmar’s Suu Kyi has ‘no comment’ on call for war against junta

By AFP and published by The Straits Times

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi  has “no comment” on a declaration of war against the junta while also being hit with a new charge of incitement.


New steps allowing foreigners to buy houses ‘aimed at easing tourism woes’ 

The government said today (Sept. 20) its move to attract certain groups of foreigners to work and invest here and also allowing them to buy houses is aimed at mitigating tourism woes.


Din Daeng protesters plan to move to Nang Loeng intersection

The Thalu Gas youth protest group pressing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down said they might move their nightly rally site from Din Daeng to Nang Loeng intersection.


Fake cops nabbed for extorting from drug victims

Five fake policemen who have been extorting money from drug addicts and the family of arrested drug suspects were rounded up in Pattani today (Sept. 20).


Delta Plus Covid variant spreading in Lao capital

By Laotian Times and

The Delta Plus variant of Covid-19 is now spreading in the Lao capital Vientiane with a full lockdown imposed across the city yesterday (Sept. 19).


Anti-Prayut street protesters reminisced on 15th anniversary of 2006 coup

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A huge “car mob” protest procession took place in downtown Bangkok despite heavy rain today (Sept. 19), the 15th anniversary of 2006 coup, with a cabbie’s brave protest recalled.


Daily Covid count hovers over 13,000 with 242 new cases in Phuket

Even as the Covid count held steady at 13,576 cases and 117 deaths today (Sept. 19), there was a jump in Phuket with 242 cases appearing yesterday.


Traffic snarls after heavy rain lashes Bangkok

There were bad traffic jams on several Bangkok roads after torrential rain this afternoon (Sept. 19) with the heaviest downpour being in Sathorn area.


Two junta soldiers, including a major, killed in Yangon bomb attack 

By Myanmar Now and AFP published by Channel NewsAsia

Myanmar local media said two soldiers, one a major, were killed in a bomb attack in Yangon with two guerilla groups claiming responsibility.


Government moves to allow ‘high potential’ foreigners buy land

The government is moving to attract “high potential” foreigners as part of  steps to boost the economy and among the benefits to be offered is the right to buy land.


Din Daeng residents urged to tip off police about adolescent protesters

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Police urged Din Daeng residents to give tip-offs on possible untoward incidents tomorrow (Sept. 19) when adolescent street protesters return to the hotspot.


France slams US, Australia over cancelled $60 billion submarine deal

By New York Times and published by The Straits Times

US and Australia held secret talks to hide the nuclear-powered submarine deal from France which led to scrapping the latter’s contract and Paris in anger has now recalled ambassadors to both nations.


Family upset after dead uncle gets two letters to get Covid jab

Adding to the pain of the family still getting over the death of an uncle from coronavirus are two official letters telling him to come in for a Covid jab.


Thaksin being probed over THAI’s purchase of 10 aircraft

Thai anti-graft agency has set up a panel to probe former premier Thaksin Shinawatra for approving the purchase of 10 aircraft by Thai Airways International thus allegedly substantially increasing its debts.


MPs involved in Prayut-rescuing payoff scandal urged to come out as witnesses

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MPs who were allegedly offered 5 million baht bribe to vote for Prime Minister Prayut Prayut Chan-o-cha after the censure debate were urged to speak up about it as witnesses.


Governor, Covid panel: Bangkok Sandbox not being launched on Oct. 15

Both Bangkok Governor Aswin Kwanmuang and the Covid administration confirmed the Bangkok Sandbox scheme is not being launched on Oct. 15.


Australia at centre of Indo-Pacific alliances to counter China

By Reuters and published by

Aside from the Quad grouping, Australia has now formed a new alliance with US and UK, known as AUKUS, which will lead to acquisition of nuclear-powered submarines with this aimed at countering China.


Party: Increasing number of youths becoming drug dealers, among them 8-year-olds

More youths have upgraded from drug users to small drug dealers and among them are eight-year-old children, Thai Sang Thai Party said today (Sept. 16).


Over 500 to vie for Nayok Or Bor Tor under Progressive Movement tickets

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The Progress Movement headed by Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit is fielding over 500 candidates to contest the upcoming Nayok Or Bor Tor election.


Protesters back at Din Daeng hotspot as residents stage separate rally

As the Thalu Gas protesters returned to Din Daeng intersection this evening (Sept. 16) residents in this area were to stage their own rally to oppose this movement.


Floodwaters in Ayutthaya to rise by a metre in 24 hours 

Areas of Ayutthaya where flooding is already 50-70cm high will see floodwaters rise by a metre in 24 hours as a northern mass of water gushes down Chao Phraya and Noi rivers.


Gorillas at Atlanta’s zoo have contracted Covid, probably from a zoo worker

By AP, published by, and Amarin TV

Atlanta’s zoo is treating at least 18 gorillas that have caught Covid while Thailand logged 13,798 new cases and 144 deaths today (Sept. 15).


Body of missing hotel manager found on Phi Phi island

Phi Phi island search team found the body of the missing Austrian hotel manager on a hilly slope late afternoon today (Sept. 15).


Big hunt on Phi Phi island for foreign hotel manager

A large team of policemen and local residents continues to search Phi Phi island for an Austrian hotel manager who disappeared last Saturday (Sept. 11)


Lack of drivers leads to cooperative turning taxis into kitchen garden

A taxi cooperative with hundreds of idle cabs that drivers are no longer able to rent under the current Covid conditions has started growing vegetables on their rooftops.


Analysis: Palang Pracharath Party’s new secretary general coming in from outside

By Out-Crowd

An outsider will likely replace Thammanat Prompow as Palang Pracharath Party’s secretary general and it is unlikely that PM Prayut Chan-o-cha will call an election soon.


Veterans hospital badly hit by protests and clashes at Din Daeng intersection

The Veterans General Hospital which is close to the Din Daeng protest hotspot has been badly affected by ongoing clashes between teen protesters and the police.


Teen protesters ignore temporary halt call and return to Din Daeng intersection 

Despite their leaders announcing a temporary halt to the protests at Din Daeng intersection today (Sept. 13) some teenage protesters were back at this hotspot this evening.


Japan warns citizens of possible suicide bombings in Thailand, other SE Asian countries

Japanese embassy in Thailand warned its citizens of possible suicide bombings with a similar alert also issued in some other Southeast Asian countries.


Bali tourism industry looking for uptick after Covid-19 restrictions eased

Bali is hoping tourism picks up again after Covid restrictions were eased on Monday with plans afoot to adopt the “Phuket Sandbox” approach.


Prayut, Prawit show fraternal ties following Thammanat ouster

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Displaying their fraternal ties today (Sept. 13)  were Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan despite the former ousting the latter’s right-hand man last week.


Police: Paddy wagon drove off after hitting protesters for safety

Police said a paddy wagon that had hit some protesters last night (Sept. 12) was driving away for safety and that’s why it cannot be categorised as a hit and run case.


 Protesters set fire to car tyres, clash with police in Din Daeng area

Adolescent protesters set some tyres on fire at Din Daeng intersection then clashed with police at the nearby Royal Thai Army Band Department this evening (Sept. 12).


Senator catches Covid despite two AstraZeneca jabs

A Covid-19 alert has been sounded at Thai Parliament this morning (Sept. 13) after a senator got infected despite having received two AstraZeneca shots.


Covid scare at Hat Yai Sandbox press conference

All those who attended the Hat Yai Sandbox scheme press conference are now at risk of catching Covid after one of the participants tested positive.


Briton’s Thai wife drowns in Chiang Mai creek after heavy rain

A British engineer’s Thai wife drowned in a swollen Chiang Mai creek while trying to collect a chair by the bank last night with her body found this morning (Sept. 12).


2 senior policemen being probed over flying contraband liquor to Bangkok

An investigation was launched after a Facebook page drew attention to 2 senior policemen who allegedly used police planes to bring contraband liquor from the South to Bangkok.


Ex-deputy ministers Thammanat, Naruemon retain key posts in ruling party

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Two dismissed deputy ministers, Thammanat and Naruemon, will continue holding their posts in the ruling Palang Pracharath Party helmed by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan.


Weathermen warn storm Conson to unleash heavy rain 

Thai meteorologists warned of hazardous conditions with heavy to very heavy rain expected as tropical storm Conson makes landfall in Vietnam tomorrow (Sept. 12).


Protesters and police clash at 2 points in Din Daeng area

Adolescent protesters were back at Din Daeng intersection this evening (Sept.11) with there being clashes with police at two nearby points.


Key charter amendment bill finally sails through

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A constitution amendment bill that increases constituency-based MPs and decreases those on party lists was finally passed by parliament today (Sept. 10).


Thammanat, Naruemon resign as Cabinet members following no-confidence push

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Two deputy ministers, Thammanat Prompow and Naruemon Pinyosinwat, have resigned after the marathon no-confidence debate and vote last week.


Thammasat group:  Penguin hurt his head after being pushed by guards

Protest leader Mr. Parit Chivarak, or Penguin, banged his head on the ground after being pushed by prison guards today (Sept. 10) while adolescent protesters are back at the Din Daeng hotspot.


Covid restrictions to remain in place till end of this month

The Covid executive committee this afternoon (Sept. 10) decided to keep the current restrictions in place till the end of this month with this including the 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. curfew.


Moderna shares up after revealing single-shot vaccine booster for Covid and flu

By CNBC and Siam Rath

Moderna’s shares rose today (Sept. 10) after announcing it is developing a single vaccine that fights both Covid-19 and the flu while in Thailand the daily Covid count dropped to 14,403 cases.


Pomelo for home delivery by farmers themselves

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

As farmers in northern Phichit province are fed up of waiting for wholesale traders to drop by, they have started sending truckloads of competitively-priced pomelo to Bangkok everyday on their own.


Covid tally climbs to 16,031 cases with 3,736 being in Bangkok

Thailand logged a higher total of 16,031 cases and 220 fatalities today (Sept.9) while Bangkok added another 3,736 new infections, again the highest in the country.


Depressed German man injures self, sets house on fire

Chonburi firefighters this afternoon (Sept. 9) rescued a depressed German man who had set his house on fire and then cut himself twice with a knife and rushed him to the hospital.


Court rejects arrest warrant for anti-Prayut protest leaders

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Bangkok South District Court today (Sept. 8th) tossed out a police request for an arrest warrant against protest leaders who cancelled today’s demonstration to avoid trouble.


Motorcycle-riding adolescents nabbed by police at usual anti-Prayut protest site

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Several adolescent protesters riding their motorcycles at the Din Daeng hotspot were arrested this evening (Sept. 7) while there was another demonstration and convoy on Sukhumvit road.


Popular Thai singer dies of Covid as daily count edges up

One of Thailand’s top singers, Thanwa Rasithanu, died from coronavirus last night (Sept. 7) while the daily tally inched up to 14,176 cases amid 228 deaths.


Russians nabbed in Phuket over charges of stealing ancient painting

Phuket police arrested three Russians today (Sept. 8th) on the charges of stealing an ancient painting they had earlier sold to a Swiss man in Pattaya.


Myanmar cell towers attacked after shadow government ‘war’ call

By AFP and published by Channel NewsAsia

Myanmar protesters destroyed military-owned mobile phone towers after a call to arms by the National Unity Government (NUG).


No cabinet reshuffle anytime soon

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Hot on the heels of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha having survived the censure vote Deputy Premier Prawit Wongsuwan today (Sept. 7) ruled out a Cabinet reshuffle in the near future.


Protest convoy again rolls through in tandem with rally at Asoke

Protesters pressing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to quit were back at Asoke intersection today (Sept. 6) with a convoy making three rounds from Ratchaprasong to this point.


Video clip of employee kicking parcels out of a van shocks netizens

A video clip showing a delivery company employee kicking parcels out of the van has shocked and outraged Thai netizens.


Germany donates life-saving Covid drugs to Thailand

Germany is shipping 153 million baht worth of donated Covid medication to Thailand for patients in severe condition.


Move to lift emergency decree on Friday

Thailand’s Covid administration panel will consider revoking the emergency decree on Friday Sept.10 after assessing the situation in the country.


‘Pantries of sharing’ being set up in Bangkok to ease pandemic pain

Bangkok administrators have begun setting up “pantries of sharing” across the city with these to be stocked with non-perishable food to help those hit by the coronavirus crisis.


Taliban eases stance as Iran condemns offensive in Panjshir

Iran lashed out at Taliban for launching an offensive in holdout Panjshir Valley amid a new peace overture to former members of the Afghan forces.


Big anti-Prayut protest at Asoke intersection

Protesters rejecting the confidence vote Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha won in parliament staged a large protest at Asoke intersection today (Sept. 5).


7 turncoat Pheu Thai MPs face expulsion for not voting against Prayut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Opposition Pheu Thai Party is getting ready to boot out seven MPs for failing to vote against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha after the marathon censure debate.


Protesters blocked from going to German embassy

Police successfully blocked protesters from marching to the German embassy and Lumpini park this evening (Sept. 4) while others later gathered at the Din Daeng hotspot.


Samut Sakhon Governor keeping Pfizer vaccine for 16- to 18-year-olds

Samut Sakhon Governor said everyone, including foreigners, has the right to be vaccinated and he is keeping Pfizer vaccine doses for 16- to 18-year-old teenagers.


Prayut survives no-confidence motion following marathon censure debate

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

After four-day no-confidence debate Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and five ministers survived the vote in parliament this morning (Sept. 4).


Anted up for last-ditch effort to help Prayut survive confidence vote

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A big effort is being made to ensure Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha survives tomorrow’s confidence vote with sources saying kickbacks to MPs have been doubled from 5 to 10 million baht each.


Anti-Prayut protesters start gathering at Ratchaprasong intersection

Protesters from two activist groups kicked off a rally at Ratchaprasong intersection this afternoon (Sept. 3) after independent protesters again clashed with police last night.


Govt MPs allegedly offered 5m baht bribe each to vote for Prayut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An opposition MP alleged during the censure debate that government MPs have been offered 5 million baht each to vote for Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.


Pre-cadet applicants quizzed about LGBT, coups and pandemic crisis

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An MP revealed during the censure debate that pre-cadet applicants were asked about their views on LGBT, coups and PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s handling of Covid crisis.


Prayut, Anutin blamed for ‘deliberate’ delays in procurement of variety of vaccines

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Opposition MPs lambasted Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul over Covid vaccines on the 2nd day of censure debate.


Thaksin urges people to tell own MPs to vote out Prayut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Former premier Thaksin Shinawatra told Thais to pressure their MPs to vote out Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha amid the ongoing no-confidence debate.


Army secretly carries out information operations against anti-Prayut MPs, activists

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Move Forward MP exposed an Information Operations Centre where soldiers post hate speeches against those critical of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on the first day of the censure debate.


Drug suspect jumps out of paddy wagon and escapes in Kanchanaburi

A big hunt is on for a drug suspect who escaped from a paddy wagon by rolling down the window and jumping out in Kanchanaburi province this afternoon (Sept. 4).


5 Bangkok districts with most new Covid cases

Bangkok administrators named the 5 districts that logged the most Covid infections during Aug. 21-Sept. 3 amid a daily tally of 15,942 new cases and 257 deaths.


Chinese embassy tells Thais to stop criticising its vaccines

The Chinese embassy posted a Facebook message today (Sept. 3) telling Thais to stop underestimating and criticising its vaccines.


Lawyer confirms Joe Ferrari does not suffer from bipolar disorder

Superintendent Joe Ferrari, arrested in the plastic bag death of a drug suspect, told his lawyer he has never suffered from bipolar disorder with the antidepressant found in his condo meant to help him relax.


Russian arrested in Koh Samui drug party raid

Koh Samui police last night (Sept. 1) arrested a Russian man at a villa where a party was under way and eight types of drugs to be sold to those attending it.


Daily Covid count up a little to 14,956, over 3,000 cases in Bangkok

Thailand’s Covid tally reached 14,956 cases and 262 deaths today (Sept. 2) while Bangkok’s total was 3,322 new infections.


Instagram went down globally for some hours, services now restored

By India Today and Siam Rath

Instagram, the world’s most popular photo and video sharing platform, went down in many countries including Thailand earlier in the day.


Indian man held in murder of compatriot 

An Indian man has been arrested for killing and mutilating a fellow countryman in revenge for having informed Immigration police about him.


Bang Saen beach reopens but no booze allowed

With the easing of Covid control from today (Sept. 1) Bang Saen beach in Chonburi province has also reopened but only till 8 p.m. and alcohol is forbidden.


Warning of 5th Covid wave as daily count drops below 14,000 cases

Amid a decline of daily Covid cases to 14,666 this morning (Aug. 31) is a warning by Thammasat field hospital that a fifth wave looms.


Farm hut resort built for patient isolation in Ayutthaya

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Specially built for Covid patients is a farm hut resort in Ayutthaya province with there being 25 shacks for home isolation and more possibly added as need arises.


Malaysia to probe claims of people bribing doctors for Covid vaccination certs

By Channel NewsAsia

Malaysia is launching an investigation into claims that doctors have been getting bribes to issue Covid vaccination certificates to anti-vaxxers.


CSD checking Joe Ferrari medical history over bipolar disorder claim

CSD police are checking Superintendent Joe Ferrari’s medical history over news that he suffers from bipolar disorder and also finding out whether this set in before or after the killing.


Weak quake in Thailand, moderate one in Myanmar

Both Thailand and Myanmar were hit by earthquakes today (Au. 31) with a weak one occurring at Chiang Rai in Thailand and a moderate one at Sagaing region in Myanmar.


New ‘most mutated Covid-19 variant’ found in South Africa

By and

A new Covid strain detected in South Africa is the “most mutated variant so far” and could be more infectious. It has already spread to the UK and China.


Victim’s mum, girlfriend quizzed again in Joe Ferrari case

Questioned by prosecutors were the mother and girlfriend of the drug suspect in the Joe Ferrari case with autopsy report stating he died of asphyxiation and not drug abuse.


Hundreds of motorcycles damaged in severe flooding at Bang Pu Industrial Estate 

A major flooding at Bang Pu Industrial Estate in Samut Prakan province damaged hundreds of motorcycles and scores of company vehicles.


Anti-Prayut procession of automobiles, motorcycles rolls through 50-km route

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A long protest convoy went from Bangkok to Pathum Thani province today (Aug. 29) while independent street protesters again clashed with police at Din Daeng intersection.


Netizens wonder if the real Joe Ferrari has been arrested

Thai netizens have compared photos of the former chief of Nakhon Sawan police station before and after his arrest and wonder if the real person has been apprehended.


Ministry: Work from home to continue for another month

While the Covid count continues to drop, totalling 16,536 today (Aug. 29), people still have to work from home for another month.


Live updates: A powerful explosion near Kabul airport, believed to be a rocket

By Business Inside, published by MSN News

A powerful blast hit a house close to Kabul airport while the US carried out an airstrike in the Afghan city today (Aug. 29).


Joe Ferrari stressed out first night in jail

The former police station chief arrested for killing a drug suspect with 2 plastic bags was stressed out the first night in jail and has also denied all charges filed against him.


Red flag erected, pride flag wrapped around Democracy Monument

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Street activists planted a red flag on top of the Democracy Monument and wrapped a Pride flag around it as they continued pressuring Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down.


Southbound cargo train bombed, none injured

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Deep South insurgents bombed a cargo train in Narathiwat province this afternoon (Aug. 28th) but fortunately no one got injured.


Celebrity medical technician picks holes in restaurant reopening plan

While dining at restaurants will again be allowed from Sept. 1, Doctor Lab Panda said the entry barrier means the strategy will probably not be successful initially.


Joe Ferrari takes sole blame, denies extortion

The police officer responsible for the death of a drug suspect wants to take sole responsibility as he issued the orders and again denied extortion.


Malls, restaurants in dark red zone to reopen on Sept. 1 under strict conditions

The Covid panel eased curbs in the dark red zone from Sept. 1 onwards with malls and restaurants allowed to reopen under strict conditions but curfew will remain for another 14 days.


Inflatable boats seen on Pattaya’s roads after torrential rain

Pattaya was badly flooded today (Aug. 27) after hours of heavy rain with some residents using their inflatable boats to sail through them.


US braces for more Islamic State attacks after 85 killed in Kabul airport carnage

More attacks by Islamic State are expected after two blasts at Kabul airport yesterday (Aug. 26) killed 85 people, among them 13 US service members.


Arrested cop denies extorting money, just wanted to find drug stash

The police colonel shown suffocating a drug suspect to death in a video clip said he was trying to get information about a drug stash and not extorting 2 million baht.


Urgent! Hunted cop arrested after fleeing to Myanmar

The police officer who escaped after a video clip showed him suffocating a suspect to death with two plastic bags had fled to Myanmar’s Myawaddy border town but has now been arrested.


Cop in plastic bag murder of suspect ‘has fled to Cambodia’

Investigators believe that the former police colonel seen in a video clip suffocating a drug suspect to death with two plastic bags has escaped to Cambodia.


Anti-Prayut online campaign attracts 20,000 supporters on first day 

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

An online campaign mounted by the Pheu Thai Party to pile pressure on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down attracted 20,000 supporters on the first day.


Police hunting for cop in plastic bag suffocation to death case

An arrest warrant is out for the Nakhon Sawan police station chief who was seen in a video clip suffocating a drug suspect to death to get 2 million baht from him.


Cop in plastic bag murder of suspect owns 29 luxury vehicles

The Thai policeman on the run after suffocating a drug suspect to death with two plastic bags owns a big house and 29 luxury vehicles. 


Move to reopen restaurants with strict safety steps in place

The Public Health Ministry is going to propose that restaurants be allowed to reopen but the staff have to either be fully vaccinated or undergo regular tests.


US, China accuse each other of ‘bullying’ nations

By Reuters, published by Channel NewsAsia

US and China traded barbs today (Aug. 25) with US Vice President Kamala Harris accusing Beijing of bullying Southeast Asian nations during a visit to Vietnam while Chinese state media likewise attacked US.


4 new Delta sub-variants ‘ are not mutating into a Thai strain’

Amid the emergence of 4 Covid Delta sub-variants in Thailand, the Public Health Ministry said today (Aug. 24) this does not mean they are mutating into a new Thai strain.


Patients at ‘haunted’ waiting centre claim they had heard ghosts

As coronavirus patients at a centre for those waiting for hospital beds are terrified after hearing ghosts at night, officials placed a Buddha image there today (Aug. 24) for peacefulness.


Senior cop in plastic bag suffocation to death video clip shunted out 

A police station chief was transferred today (Aug. 24) after a video clip emerged showing him suffocating a drug suspect to death with two plastic bags.


US V-P Kamala Harris’ trip to Vietnam delayed over ‘anomalous health incident’

By Reuters, published by Channel NewsAsia

US Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip from Singapore to Vietnam was delayed over an “anomalous health incident” in Hanoi with this being a term often used to describe Havana Syndrome.


Foreigners flock to get a Pfizer jab after ministry opened registration

Hundreds of foreigners are getting a Pfizer Covid jab in Pattaya today (Aug. 23) after the Foreign Ministry opened registration.


Palm sugar promoted at unrecognised hub

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Villagers in Chainat who have quietly been producing toddy palm sugar concentrate and syrup for generations are now getting a boost through an official promotion.


Hungry botanist in failed robbery attempt

A hungry botanist whose business collapsed after coronavirus swept the world tried to rob a convenience store but a plucky employee prevented him from getting any cash.


Thanat hits back at MP who doubts he was blinded in one eye at protest

A wealthy protester who was blinded in his right eye at a demonstration slammed an MP who doubts whether he has really lost vision in that eye.


Blinded but fighting on: Thanat joins today’s protest parade

Joining today’s protest parade is a wealthy protester who got blinded in his right eye at a recent demonstration and who is determined to battle on.


Talks being held on extending lockdown

The Public Health Ministry and Covid panel will be discussing the extension of the lockdown amid 19,014 new cases and 233 deaths today (Aug. 22).


Drug trafficker dies in expressway accident  

A drug trafficker who was inspecting his broken down sedan on the expressway died after another sedan slammed into it causing him to fall off and hit the road beneath.


ISIS terror threat forces US military to establish alternate routes to Kabul airport

By Barbara Starr, Oren Liebermann, Ellie Kaufman and Nicole Gaouette, CNN

Kabul airport where thousands of people are waiting to be evacuated faces a threat by ISIS-K terror group leading to alternative routes being set up to get there.


Lawyers urge people to take legal action against crowd-control police

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

With the number of protesters getting injured rising, lawyers urged them to take legal action against crowd-control police.


Blinded wealthy protester back home, has better perspective

A wealthy protester, blinded in one eye after being injured during a demonstration, returned home today (Aug. 21) and said he sees things far more clearly now.


Covid-infected woman kicked out by boyfriend gets help

A woman who was thrown out of a rented room by her boyfriend after she tested positive for coronavirus was helped by rescuers who found her a new place to stay.


Taliban co-founder in Afghan capital as evacuation scramble continues

By AFP and published by Channel NewsAsia

Taliban leaders started working on an “inclusive” government as thousands of Afghans continued trying to get to the airport and leave the country.


Thailand demands answers after over 200  berry pickers catch Covid 

More than 200 Thai berry pickers in Finland have contracted Covid-19 since the beginning of this month and the Thai government is demanding an explanation.


MP dares Prayut to fight in Muay Thai boxing bout with PM’s post at stake

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The sole MP of Thai Civilized Party challenged Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to a Muay Thai boxing match to get him to quit if he loses.


Protesters submit letters to US, Swiss and Chinese embassies

Protesters handed letters to US, Swiss and Chinese embassies today (Aug. 20) on political movements and the handling of Covid crisis in Thailand.


Taliban ‘hanging’ people who worked with US: source

By Fox News

An interpreter who worked for the US said the Taliban were going house-to-house searching former Afghan commandoes and interpreters and had hanged three persons.


In pictures: Protesters cover Democracy Monument with black cloth

Protesters piled pressure on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to quit by today (Aug. 19)  covering the top part of the Democracy Monument with black cloth.


Air Force blasted for handing out disciplinary penalties to police-bashing officer

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A Thammasat activist group slammed the Air Force for punishing an officer who had criticised the police for firing tear gas and rubber bullets at young protesters.


Only 22 of over 2,000 infected pregnant women got Covid jabs

Of the 2,237 pregnant women who caught Covid in Thailand in the current wave, only 22 of them had been vaccinated.


Protests against Afghan Taleban spread in early signs of resistance

By Reuters, published by The Straits Times

More protests against the Taleban took place in Afghan cities today (Aug. 19) while the leader of the resistance front called for Western support to fight them.


Anti-Prayut, indy protesters clash with police at same spot again

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A new clash erupted this evening (Aug. 18) between independent protesters and riot police at the same Din Daeng intersection where confrontations have been continuing for days now.


Covid panel floats company isolation plan

The smaller Covid panel has worked out a company isolation plan to reduce Covid cases while Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said infection rate could be coming down.


Daily Covid deaths rise to 312 while 28 youths nabbed at a party

Thailand logged a new daily high of 312 Covid deaths today (Aug. 18) but total cases stayed steady at 20,515 while 28 youths were arrested for holding a party.


Elderly Frenchman blacks out, hits 10 vehicles in Pattaya 

An elderly Frenchman who seems to have blacked out while driving a pickup truck in Pattaya injured a food vendor after slamming into her tricycle and over ten other vehicles parked by the roadside.


Anti-Prayut protesters in brief standoff with police outside National Police HQ

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Another standoff between protesters and police occurred outside the National Police headquarters today (Aug. 17) after the demonstrators threw bags of pink dye at the signboard.


Police: Shots were fired but not by us

Police denied using live rounds during a clash with protesters last night (Aug. 16), with two of them shot and one hit by shrapnel, amid a hunt for the sniper.


Man shot at protest hot spot in coma

A young man who joined the protest in Din Daeng area last evening (Aug. 16) is in coma after being shot with the bullet lodged in his brainstem.


In pictures: Protesters clash with police near Govt House

Protesters were hit with waves of tear gas and water cannons near the Government House in a new clash with riot police  this evening (Aug. 16)


Protesters head for Govt House, avoid Din Daeng battlefield

Protesters were out in full force again today (Aug. 16) but switched their destination from Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s house to the Government House to avoid the Din Daeng battleground.


Daily Covid deaths hit record high of 239

Thailand’s daily Covid deaths climbed to record 239 today (Aug. 17) but new cases dropped to 20,128 while statistics show the elderly are under-vaccinated.


New online home care marketplace launches digital start-up in Thailand          

Getting noticed is SAIJAI, a new Thai-language online start-up home care marketplace, with its services platform focused on the sharing economy.


Censure motion filed against PM, five other cabinet members

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

The opposition filed a censure motion against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and five other cabinet members today (Aug. 16) on various grounds.


Covid crisis leads to NESDC slashing 2021 GDP growth forecast 

As Thailand goes through its worst Covid outbreak the country’s main economic planning agency today (Aug. 16) slashed its 2021 GDP growth forecast to 0.7-1.2%.


Processions of automobiles resume in prolonged street protests against Prayut

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Protest processions again filled Bangkok’s roads today (Aug 15) amid clashes at Din Daeng junction as demonstrators heaped pressure on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to quit.


Clashes at Din Daeng junction as ‘car park’ protest gets underway 

More clashes erupted between protesters and riot police at Din Daeng junction today (August 15) as some activist groups kicked off their “car park” processions.


Public urged not to dislike recovered Covid patients

The Thai public were urged not to hate cured Covid patients after incidents of social ill will were highlighted in the social media.


Daily Covid count edges down amid move to ease Phuket Sandbox rule

Thailand’s daily Covid tally dropped slightly to 22,086 today (August 14) with there also being a move to cut Phuket Sandbox mandatory stay from 14 to 7 days.


Songkhla police hunt for Covid escapee

A coronavirus patient is still at large after escaping from a field hospital in Songkhla with the help of a friend and police are busy hunting for them.


In hard times, queen of the fruits turns into mangosteen jam

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A farmer is ramping up production of mangosteen jam to help the others after the price of this fruit plunged from 60 to less than 10 baht a kg.


Nigerian man, Thai woman nabbed while sending drug parcel to Australia

A Nigerian man and a Thai woman were arrested while mailing a parcel to Australia with 490 grammes of crystal methamphetamine (Ice) hidden in a spindle photo frame.


In pictures: Police break up another march to PM’s house

Riot police fired several rounds of tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who again tried to march to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s house today (August 13).


Criminal lawsuit endorsed by 700,000 people filed against PM over pandemic fiascoes

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A lawyers association and a political party today (August 13) filed a criminal lawsuit against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha for allegedly mishandling the Covid-19 crisis.


Daily Covid cases spike to 23,418, 71 of 184 deaths in Bangkok

Thailand logged record-breaking 23,418 Covid cases today (August 13) with 184 deaths of which 71 occurred in Bangkok.


Taliban near gates of Kabul as embassies prepare for evacuations

By AFP and published by Channel NewsAsia

As the Taliban got closer to Kabul after seizing several major Afghan cities, the US and UK sent in troops to evacuate their citizens today (August 13).


Bangkok’s daily Covid counts jumps to 4,854 cases amid 22,782 nationwide

Bangkok logged a record high of  4,854 Covid cases today (August 12) with the national tally also rising to 22,782 infections and 147 deaths.


Thai doctor warns of 100 dangerous days

A senior Thai doctor warned that the country faces 100 dangerous days with the total number of Delta Covid-19 variant cases possibly rising to 35 million.


Favourite protester says after arrest: Fighting to the last breath 

A 67-year-old woman who has turned into a public favourite after joining almost every protest said after her arrest yesterday (August 11) that she is fighting to the last breath.


Top Khmer Rouge leader to appeal genocide conviction

By AFP and published by Channel NewsAsia

Former Khmer Rouge head of state Khieu Samphan’s appeal against life imprisonment for genocide in Cambodia is starting next week.


Police quell street protesters with rubber bullets fired from BTS skywalk

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Police fired rubber bullets from a BTS skywalk to break up a protest against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (August 11) with some of them being arrested.


Motorists told to avoid Victory Monument as new protest kicks off

Another protest against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha started at the Victory Monument area this afternoon (August 11) with motorists warned to stay away from this area.


Covid count tops 20,000 again while almost 80,000 kids got infected 

Thailand’s Covid tally rose to 21,038 cases and 207 deaths today (August 11) while 79,989 children have got infected so far this year.


Hackers steal $600m in major cryptocurrency heist


Hackers made off with as much as $600 million in digital tokens from a cryptocurrency platform with the heist being one of the biggest ever in this market.


Update: Clash at Din Daeng after ‘car mob’ protest against Prayut ended

By Thai Newsroom Reporters and

Police chased away a group of protesters at Din Daeng junction this evening (August 10) after a “car mob” protest downtown Bangkok piled the pressure on Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to quit.


In pictures: ‘Car mob’ protesters drive through the heart of Bangkok

“Car mob” protesters drove through downtown Bangkok today (August 10) and were heading for Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Thammanat Prompao’s house.


Covid tally remains high as actress buys 6,900kg cabbage to help farmers

Thailand logged 19,843 new Covid cases and 235 fatalities today (August 10) while a popular actress helped farmers by buying 6,900kg of cabbage.


Covid count hits 19,603 cases as Korat gets only 15,800 Pfizer vaccine doses

Thailand logged 19,603 Covid cases and 149 deaths today (August 9) while Korat is only getting 15,800 out of 1.5 million Pfizer vaccine doses US donated.


Police warn against holding a rally at Ratchaprasong tomorrow

Police warned a Thammasat group from holding a demonstration tomorrow (August 10) while having also identified the financier of these rallies.


Ex-premier gearing up to launch Thaksin Official website

Ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra is getting ready to launch his Thaksin Official website soon to share his knowledge with the Thai people and help ease the current crisis, his son Mr. Panthongtae Shinawatra said.


UN sounds clarion call over humans ‘irreversible’ impact on climate

By Reuters Staff, published by Channel NewsAsia

The UN issued a “code red for humanity” on climate change today (August 9) warning that weather extremes happening now are likely to become more severe.


19,983 Covid cases today while Krabi shuts two markets

Thailand’s Covid count was slightly lower today (August 8) reaching 19,983 cases and 138 deaths while two markets in Krabi town were shut down.


‘Renegade’ upper-middle-class demonstrators join anti-Prayut street protest

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

A “car mob” procession by protesters pressuring Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to quit was strengthened by upper-middle-class “renegades” joining in.


Suspect says sorry to murdered Swiss woman’s family and all Thais

The suspect in the murder of a Swiss woman tourist at a Phuket waterfall apologised to the victim’s family and all Thai people for the crime with the motive being robbery.


Police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at anti-Prayut protesters again

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Police again unleashed tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters pressuring Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to step down in an hours- long standoff today (August 7).


In pictures: Police and protesters clash at Din Daeng junction

Protesters who tried to remove containers at Din Daeng junction to go to the military base where Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s house is located were hit by volleys of rubber bullets and tear gas this afternoon (August 7).


Police have asked army to help if today’s rallies turn violent

As two rival protest groups are rallying in Bangkok this afternoon (August 7) police have already asked the army to help out if the situation turns violent.


Suspect in rape, murder of Swiss woman in Phuket arrested

A suspect in the rape and murder of a Swiss woman tourist in Phuket earlier this week was arrested today (August 7) and further questioning in continuing.


Covid tally climbs higher to 21,838 cases, Samut Prakan now the second hot spot

Thailand’s daily Covid tally hit a new high of 21,838 cases and 212 deaths today (August 7) with Samut Prakan now the second worst-hit zone after Bangkok.


Thailand logs 21,379 Covid cases as almost 2,000 transport workers fell sick

Thailand’s Covid tally spiked again to 21,379 cases today (August 6) while 1,943 employees at the Transport Ministry and its agencies have been infected since March 2020.


No CCTVs near Phuket waterfall where Swiss woman was found dead

Thai police said today (August 6) there are no CCTVs around the Phuket waterfall where a Swiss woman was found dead, presumed to have been raped and murdered. 


Army’s disciplinary action against three-finger-saluting sergeant denounced

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Thailand’s Move Forward MP Rangsiman Rome blasted the army for jailing a sergeant only because he gave the three-finger salute on TikTok.


CNN fires three employees for coming to work unvaccinated: US media

By AFP and published by France24

CNN sacked three employees who came to work unvaccinated against coronavirus with the network’s boss saying they have a zero-tolerance policy on this issue.


Daily Covid count hits 20,920, Phuket logs 69 new cases

The 24-hour Covid tally in Thailand spiked to 20,920 cases and 160 deaths today (August 5) with 69 cases emerging in Phuket among whom are four Sandbox tourists.


Swiss woman found dead at Phuket waterfall, likely raped and murdered

The body of a half-naked Swiss woman was found at a Phuket waterfall today (August 5) and police believe that she had been raped and murdered.


61 adolescents caught breaking curfew for beach party

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Southern Songkhla police arrested 61 adolescents just as they were partying on the beach during curfew hours last night (August 4).


Drug addict nabbed after slashing Scotsman who tried to filming robbery

A Thai drug addict who tried to break open a petrol vending machine with a club slashed the arm of a Scotsman who got his mobile phone out to film the crime.


No mRNA shot for seven Thai detainees in southern Laos

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Officials denied that 7 Thai mushroom pickers who had strayed across the border to Laos had been given mRNA coronavirus jabs as avidly reported in Thai social media.


Daily Covid cases spike to 20,200, Bangkok’s total 4,118

The daily Covid count in Thailand reached a new high of 20,200 cases and 188 deaths today (August 4) with Bangkok’s total soaring to 4,118.


Briton, Thai girlfriend arrested in Chiang Mai drug sting

A Briton and Thai girlfriend who were arrested in a Chiang Mai drug sting today (August 4) said like Robin Hood they sold drugs to help Covid victims.


Asean ministers pick Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar

By Agencies and published by Channel NewsAsia

Asean took a key step to help end the violence in Myanmar by choosing a Brunei diplomat as its envoy even though the junta had wanted a former Thai diplomat.


Censure debate against PM very likely to be held by end of August

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

Looming in the Thai political arena is a censure debate against Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha with the focus being on the Covid crisis


Update: Daily Covid count soars to 18,901 cases, 147 deaths 

Thailand’s daily Covid tally was updated with there being 18,901 cases and 147 deaths in the 24 hours to this morning (August 3) and not 18,894 cases as earlier reported.


Young woman killed over 60,000 baht debt

The body of a young Thai woman was found near a canal last night (August 2) and it was later discovered she was killed over a 60,000 baht debt.


China, India agree to pull troops near site of deadly clash

By Bloomberg and published by The Straits Times

While China and India reached an agreement to withdraw troops from the vicinity of last year’s clash, they are still in rifle range of each other at other points.


Daily Covid count inches down to 17,970 amid warning of drug shortfall

Even as today’s (August 2) Covid case count slipped to 17,970, fatalities rose to 178, with Thammasat field hospital warning that a shortage of a key drug looms.


Mourning the death of an angel in white

Samut Sakhon Hospital staff are mourning the death of a model nurse, fondly called an angel in white, who died of Covid infection last night (August 1).


Penguin leads protest to get arrested friends freed