Protesters from Nakhon Ratchasima heading for the Democracy Monument. Photo: Siam Rath

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Northeastern protesters get dire warning from police

Protesters from Nakhon Ratchasima province reached the Democracy Monument this afternoon (March 7) only to be hit with a stern warning from the police that they face maximum two-year jail term and/or 40,000 baht fine for continuing their rally.


Rung faces new charges – damage to potted plants set at 5.9m baht

Protest leader Ms. Panusaya Sitthichirawattanakul, or Rung, today (March 7) went to the police station to acknowledge charges from the February 13 demonstration with 5.9 million baht set as the cost for moving and damaging potted plants that day.


Northeastern protesters marching to Democracy Monument

Protesters from Nakhon Ratchasima province who arrived in Bangkok yesterday are today (March 7) marching from Kasetsart intersection to the Democracy Monument where they will be holding an anti-government rally till 9 p.m.


Boyfriend of Myanmar protest ‘martyr’ vows resistance

The boyfriend of a young Myanmar woman who died after being shot in the head while protesting vowed to continue fighting for their revolution after getting a tattoo of her image on his chest.


Redem protesters reach court, shout that their friends be freed

Redem protesters are holding a big rally in front of the Criminal Court this evening (March 6) while another rally at the Government Complex ended at 7.15 p.m. However the rally at the Democracy Monument fizzled out after the leaders did not show up.


Pro-monarchy group gathers at Ratchaprasong, red shirts head for govt complex

Just as a pro-monarchy vocational student group gathered at Ratchaprasong intersection today (March 6) red shirts and their friends headed for the Government Complex on Chaeng Wattana road, having changed their mind about going to the 11the Infantry Regiment compound.


Northeast protesters arrive and heavy security at court

Protesters from Nakhon Ratchasima arrived in Bangkok this morning (March 6) while police are strongly protecting the Criminal Court where the Redem group of protesters is heading later today. Two more groups are also holding rallies in other parts of Bangkok.


Myanmar forces fire tear gas, stun grenades on protest 

Myanmar security forces again brutally cracked down on a protest in Yangon today (March 6) soon after a UN envoy called on the Security Council to take action against the junta for killing protesters.


Police brace for rampage at tomorrow’s protest

A message at the Thai police Facebook page warned of heavy rampage at tomorrow’s (March 6) protest with REDEM group followers having voted in favour of staging a rally.


Court denies arrest warrants for singer’s girlfriend, friend

The Criminal Court rejected a police petition to issue warrants for the arrest of a friend and girlfriend of singer Ammy the Bottom Blues who has been held on the charges of violating Section 112 of the  Criminal Code, known as the lese majeste law, for alleged arson in front of Klong Prem prison.


Myanmar army’s pick as UN envoy resigns in diplomatic power struggle

A power struggle has developed  at the UN with Myanmar’s newly appointed ambassador resigning and saying that his predecessor who was sacked by the military government still represents the country.


New Zealanders return home after quakes trigger tsunami warnings

Small tsunami waves hit New Zealand’s east coast this morning (March 5) after three powerful offshore earthquakes but people who evacuated to higher ground were later told they could return home.


Police arrest singer’s girlfriend at airport

The girlfriend of Thai singer Ammy the Bottom Blues, who was arrested yesterday  afternoon (March 3) on lese majeste charges, too was detained by police as she was waiting to board a flight to Japan late last night.


Thailand probes Facebook’s removal of army-linked accounts

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (March 4) ordered an investigation after Facebook removed 185 accounts and groups said to be part of the military’s information-influencing operation.


Air pollution soars in northern, western Thailand

Air pollution in northern and western Thailand soared to high levels today (March 4) reaching 357 micrograms per cubic metre of air in Mae Hong Son province with forest fires clearly to blame.


Myanmar police break up protests again after bloodiest day since coup

Protests erupted across Myanmar today (March 4) despite 38 having been killed yesterday, the bloodiest day of the crackdown, with five warplanes also making low passes in formation over Mandalay.


Two beauty pageant contestants test positive for coronavirus

Beauty pageant contestants from Nigeria and Kenya who are among over 60 beauties who arrived here to compete in the “Miss Grand International 2020″ contest taking place in Bangkok on March 27 this year have tested positive for coronavirus


Navy rescues four cats from sunken fishing boat

A Thai Navy sailor swam out and rescued four crying cats perched on the bow of a sunken fishing boat and they are now all safe and sound


Reports: Myanmar Security Forces Shoot Dead 6 Protesters

At least six people were shot dead in Myanmar today (March 3) as security forces continued to brutally crackdown on anti-coup protests taking place in cities across the nation. A 14-year-old boy was among those killed.


Two parties considering helping arrested singer

With popular singer Ammy the Bottom Blues now arrested on lese majeste charges over a fire in front of Klong Prem prison, two opposition parties said they are considering helping him.


First case of severe Covid vaccine side effects emerges

A medical personnel became the first person in Thailand to develop severe side effects to coronavirus vaccination while the daily count dropped to 35. Other Covid vaccine brands are also now allowed to register here.


Myanmar security forces fire live rounds at protesters

Three protesters were badly injured in Myanmar today (Mar 2) as ASEAN held talks on the crackdown there. However, democracy supporters blasted ASEAN’s effort to engage with Myanmar’s military.


Warrant out for singer on charges of burning Royal Portrait

An arrest warrant has been issued for Ammy the Bottom Blues, a popular Thai singer, on lese majeste charges over an arson incident in front of Klong Prem prison.


Woman appeals for help after losing paint worth 300,000 baht

A paint distributor appealed for help after a vehicle delivering a consignment worth 300,000 baht had an accident and all the cans of paint tumbled out with passers-by then making off with two to three cans each.


PM: No order given to hold Covid vaccines for VIPs 

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (March 2) denied ordering that Covid-19 vaccines be reserved for VIP while the daily Covid count was 42 but one additional death toll the death toll to 84.


PM slams press for one-sided coverage of protest march

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha blasted the media for one-sided coverage of yesterday’s (Feb. 28) protest march, pointing out that policemen were attacked and that to take countermeasures.


22 protesters held, 33 injured and one policeman dead

Altogether 22 protesters were arrested during last night’s (Feb. 28) confrontation with police at the Victory Monument and in front of the 1st Infantry Regiment compound where Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s residence is located while one policeman died and 33 people got injured


319 got first Covid jab so far, all in good health

Altogether 319 people have got the first coronavirus jab in Thailand and none have developed any serious side effects with 13 provinces having now received some of these vaccines


Suu Kyi hit with new charges as Myanmar protesters rally again

Myanmar’s ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi was seen for the first time since she was detained in a military coup today (March 1), after she appeared in court via video link, as protests erupted again nationwide despite 18 people being killed yesterday.


Two rounds of chaos in front of military compound 

Two rounds of confrontation between police and protesters occurred this evening (Feb. 28) in front of the 1st Infantry Regiment compound where Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s residence is located and the Veterans Hospital.


Protesters start marching towards PM’s residence

The Free Youth group and their allies started marching from Victory Monument to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s residence within the 1st Infantry Regimen military compound on Vibhavadi Rangsit road at 5 p.m. today (Feb. 28).


Police: Free Youth protesters heading for PM’s house this afternoon

Metropolitan Police is fully ready to handle a protest march from the Victory Monument to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s residence at the 1st Infantry Regiment compound this afternoon (Feb. 28).


At least 7 dead on bloodiest day of Myanmar protests 

At seven people were killed and many wounded  in Myanmar today (Feb. 28), the bloodiest day of anti-coup protests that started on Feb. 1, but hundreds of protesters refused to leave the streets by early afternoon in Yangon.


Truck with faulty brakes slams into expressway toll booth

A truck driver who suddenly found that the brakes of his large vehicle had failed as he approached an expressway pay booth at the Prachachuen toll plaza swerved and hit the unmanned one thus preventing loss of life.


PM’s Covid jab put off as daily count stays low

The Thai Public Health Ministry put off giving Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha the first Covid jab in the country while the daily count of the feared disease again stayed low at 72.


1.6m meth pills seized after gunfight with drug caravan

A fierce clash between a gang of drug smugglers bringing a caravan into Chiang Rai province and a ranger unit last night left one ranger injured with 1.6 million tablets of methamphetamine seized in the area this morning (Feb. 27).


Court again rejects bail plea for four protest leaders

The Appeal Court again rejected an appeal to bail out four protest leaders even though eight people, including three former ministers, jailed for toppling former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra were bailed out yesterday.


Temple of Zoom: 200,000 Thai Buddhists mark holy day via video link

By Reuters Staff

Over 200,000 mostly Thai Buddhists linked up via Zoom application to attend prayer and lantern ritual to mark Makha Bucha Day, one of the religion’s holiest holidays, at Dhammakaya Temple on the outskirts of Bangkok yesterday.


Two dead, eight injured in road rage fight

A pickup truck driver who was chased and forced to stop by motorcyclists then badly beaten up later chased them and smashed their bikes killing two persons and injuring seven others including a small girl


Myanmar protesters injured as police escalate use of force

Three people were injured in Mandalay, Myanmar, today (Feb. 26) as anti-coup protests continued to rock the country despite a crackdown by security forces. A Japanese journalist was detained then released by police.


With Covid under control holidaymakers flock to Bang Saen beach 

Thai holidaymakers thronged Chonburi province’s Bang Saen beach at the start of the long weekend today (Feb. 26) as the coronavirus outbreak seems to have come under control with vendors too very pleased to see them again.


Thailand opens up to transit/transfer flights from Monday

International transit/transfer flights carrying passengers will be allowed to land in Thailand from Monday March 1 onwards. Meanwhile today’s (Feb. 26) Covid count dwindled further to 45.


Myanmar military coup supporters rampage in Yangon

Myanmar’s military supporters, some armed with knives and clubs, others firing catapults and throwing stones, attacked opponents of the Feb. 1 coup today (Feb. 25) and at least two persons were injured. Police also blocked the gates of Yangon’s main university campus.


No bail yet for protest leader Suthep, seven others 

Former protest leader SuthepThaugsuban and seven others, among them three former ministers and two former MPs, who were sentenced to jail yesterday for street protests that toppled former premier Yingluck Shinawatra have not yet been bailed out as of this evening (Feb. 25).


Chuan: Five MPs given jail terms are all out

PARLIAMENT President Chuan Leepai said today (Feb. 25) that five MPs, among them three ministers, who were sentenced to imprisonment without bail have to immediately vacate their positions, Thai Rath newspaper said.


Chaing Mai lifts checkpoints as daily Covid count again below a hundred

With Thailand’s daily Covid staying below a hundred for some days now, totaling 72 today (Feb. 25), Chiang Mai city has now lifted all entry checkpoints so that people can again live a normal life.


Three ministers, Suthep jailed for anti-Yingluck chaos

Three ministers and protest leader and former deputy premier Suthep Thaugsuban were sentenced to jail for leading a wave of street protests that toppled former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in 2014. The three ministers had to immediately vacate their positions in accordance with an article in the Constitution.


Thailand denies coronavirus pandemic started at Chatuchak market

Thai officials refuted a foreign media report that the global coronavirus pandemic could have started at Chatuchak market and then spread it to China’s Wuhan market.


Prayut receives first lot of vaccine from China’s Sinovac

Prime Minister Prayut went to Suvarnabhumi Airport today (Feb. 24) to receive the country’s first 200,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine shipped by China’s Sinovac Life Sciences. Altogether 61 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be available here in June.


Myanmar faces more protests as Indonesia pursues diplomatic efforts

More anti-coup protests are to take place in Myanmar today (Feb. 24) as Indonesia pushes  regional diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis with its foreign minister to fly there tomorrow.


Demonstration targeting police kicks off at Ratchaprasong intersection

A demonstration targeting Thai police is underway at Ratchaprasong intersection this evening (Feb. 23) with the protesters planning to march to the nearby National Police headquarters.


Half a million dead in US, confirming virus’s tragic reach

The US reached a grim, heartbreaking milestone of half a million Americans having died of Covid-19 with experts warning that around 90,000 more deaths are likely in the next few months. This toll is already greater than the population of Miami or Kansas City, Missouri.


Covid restrictions eased in Bangkok from today

Bangkok’s restaurants, pubs, gyms and banquet halls have been permitted to remain open till 11 p.m. starting today (Feb. 23) but some restrictions are still in place to control the spread of coronavirus. The city administration has also been proactively testing migrant works in numerous places.


Today’s Covit count again below a hundred

There were 95 coronavirus cases over the past 24 hours till noon today (Feb. 23) with this being the fourth day in a row the daily tally has dwindled below a hundred. Two overseas travellers were quarantined


Policeman fires warning shot at foreigner, badly injures noodle vendor

A drunk policeman fired a warning shot in the air after fighting with a foreigner in front of a nightclub on Patong beach, Phuket, and then shot a noodle vendor who came to help, seriously injuring him.


Four protest leaders denied bail for the fourth time

The four protest leaders held in pretrial detention since Feb. 9 were for the fourth time denied temporary bail by the Criminal Court today (Feb. 22) despite two Thammasat University professors placing their positions as guarantee. 


Update: CCSA allows drinking alcohol till 11 p.m.

The Covid administration this afternoon (Feb. 22) allowed alcohol to be served in licenced venues till 11 p.m. while extending the emergency decree till end of March. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will be taking the first Sinovac jab to boost confidence.


PM moves to ease restaurant dine-in regulation tomorrow

The government is moving to ease restaurant dine-in curbs while the first lot of coronavirus vaccines will arrive from Beijing on Wednesday. Meanwhile today’s Covid count was again below a hundred totalling 89.


Over a dozen protesters detained in Myanmar

Myanmar police detained over a dozen protesters today (Feb. 22) as a general strike took place in various cities nationwide despite a chilling message from the junta. Even though two protesters were killed in Mandalay on Saturday there was another big protest there yesterday.


Police gearing up to slap several charges against protesters

Thai police said the protesters at the two rally sites yesterday, in front of Parliament and the Democracy Monument, violated several laws while warning that another rally could take place at Democracy Monument today (Feb. 21).


Myanmar protesters gather again after worst day of violence

Defiant Myanmar protesters rallied again today (Feb. 21) in towns across the country despite two demonstrators having been killed by security forces in Mandalay yesterday, Meanwhile Facebook deleted the military’s main page under its standards prohibiting the incitement of violence.


Fire guts downtown plastic factory, four houses

A fire erupted at a plastic factory in Sathupradit Soi 24 today (Feb.21) completely gutting the plant and four adjacent houses with firemen taking 45 minutes to extinguish this fierce blaze, but fortunately there were no fatalities.



92 Covid cases today, one of them a nurse

Thailand’s daily Covid count was again below a hundred today (Feb. 21) reaching 92 but a nurse in Chonburi province got infected. This raised cumulative confirmed cases to 25,415.


Police: Protesters’ parallel censure debate to continue today

Police are out in full force to control a parallel no-confidence debate outside  Parliament that lasted hours last evening and is expected to continue today (Feb 20) with it being possible that rally-goers will camp there tonight.


PM rules out Cabinet reshuffle after defeating censure motion

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said he will not be reshuffling his Cabinet but will be evaluating each minister’s performance after defeating the no-confidence motion in Parliament today (Feb. 20).


Myanmar protests: Two persons shot dead by soldiers, police

Two protesters were shot dead in Myanmar this afternoon (Feb. 20) after security forces fired live bullets and tear gas to disperse demonstrations in Mandalay, as anti-coup rallies honoured a young woman who died after being shot by the police.


In loving memory of Robert McMillen

The expat community in Thailand is mourning the loss of Robert McMillen, the broking dynamo who handled some of the country’s biggest capital projects, including Seamico Securities and Raimon Land. He passed away peacefully on Thursday February 18.


Daily Covid count drops to 82, no more fatalities

Thailand’s daily Covid tally (Feb. 20) dropped to 82 from 130 yesterday taking the overall confirmed cases to 25,323 but there were no more fatalities with the toll remaining at 83.


Touchdown! Perseverance lands successfully on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover safely landed on the Red Planet shortly before 4 a.m. Thai time today (Feb. 19) becoming the first artificial object to touch down there since the Insight Mars lander in 2018. It is also the first rover to land since Curiosity touched down in 2012.


Wife sues husband’s bride for damages

The wife of a policeman who got married to another woman while still married to her is suing the bride for damages. The policeman takes blame for all that has happened and is not going to live with anyone.


130 Covid new cases, one more fatality

There were altogether 130 coronavirus cases today (Feb. 19) and one more death taking the toll to 83. This raises the cumulative confirmed cases to 25,241.


Myanmar’s coup opponents welcome UK, Canadian sanctions

Myanmar’s anti-coup protesters applauded new santions imposed by the UK and Canada, with the former targeting three generals and the latter nine military officials, as more protests are to be mounted today (Feb. 19).


PM’s aide files lese majeste complaint against lawmaker

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s aide filed a lese majeste complaint against Amarat Chokepamitkul, an MP from the Move Forward Party, today (Feb. 18) over some Facebook posts.


Clubhouse emerges as platform for Thai dissidents, govt issues warning

Thai dissidents are using Clubhouse app to air their views and many others have now joined in to listen to them with this eliciting a warning from the government that they are being watched.


Over 5 million baht donations for elderly woman, aging son

Help poured in for an elderly woman and her aging son as photos of them sitting on the floor waiting to register for 7,000 baht cash handout circulated widely with more cash donations still coming in.


Woman takes marriage certificate to husband’s wedding to another woman

A Thai woman gatecrashed her husband’s wedding with another woman taking their marriage certificate along to point out how this could be possible. She was of course told to leave by her husband, his bride and her relatives.


Pathum Thani market Covid cluster spreads to 10 provinces

A cluster of coronavirus infection at a market in Pathum Thani province spread to 10 provinces during Feb. 9-16 with Bangkok being among them while the total number of cases multiplied to 359 cases.


Myanmar junta targets paralysing strikes, as arrests near 500

More protests were staged in Myanmar this morning (Feb. 18) after some of the biggest demonstrations since the coup took place yesterday with arrest warrants out for six celebrities.


Elderly woman and son walk 35km to register for cash handout

A lot of sympathy and help poured in for an elderly woman and her aging son who trekked 35 kilometres to reach the nearest Krung Thai Bank bank and register for cash handout.


Thai child modelling agent charged over child sex abuse images

The head of a child modelling agency was arrested and charged with child sexual abuse and downloading child abuse images in  a months-long operation that started with a tip-off from  Australian police.


Penguin, 3 others denied bail, prosecution of 18 others put off

Protest leader Penguin and three others were denied bail for the second time today (Feb. 17) while the issuing of an order to prosecute 18 others,  among them Ms. Panusaya Sitthichirawattanakul, or Rung, was put off to March 8.


Daily Covid count rises again to 175 

The total number of coronavirus cases rose again today (Feb. 17) to 175 from just 72 yesterday. However Samut Sakhon province continued to make progress with 73 cases emerging yesterday.


Myanmar coup opponents call for new show of force

There is a call for more big protests in Myanmar today (Feb 17) despite the junta last night promising to hold a fair election and hand over power.


Prosecutors to file charges against protest suspects tomorrow

Three protest leaders and 15 followers will have charges of breaching emergency decree filed against in court tomorrow. The three leaders also face charges of violating Section 112 of the Criminal Code, known as the lese majeste law


Ten ministers targeted in censure debate

A no-confidence debate against 10 ministers, including Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, got underway today (Feb. 16) with the session ending to on February 19 and voting taking place the next day.


Only 72 new Covid cases today, Samut Sakhon makes progress

The daily Covid count dwindled to 72 this morning (Feb. 16) taking the total to 24,786. Hotspot Samut Sakhon province had 16 new cases yesterday and all 447 people proactively tested were cleared of infection.


Thammasat University student infected with Covid-19

A medical student at Thammasat University’s Rangsit campus has got infected with coronavirus while Thammasat Hospital warned that a lot of people had flocked there to get tested.


UN warns Myanmar against harsh response to protesters

The UN warned Myanmar’s military leaders of “severe consequences” for rough treatment of protesters but yesterday’s protests were smaller than the previous days. There was also an internet blackout early last night.


Bashed up medical volunteer may countersue police

The medical volunteer who was beaten up by crowd control police during Saturday’s protest said at 7 p.m. this evening (Feb. 15) that he will consult a lawyer about countersuing the police. He related the details of the attack.


BMTA bus driver infected with coronavirus

A Bangkok bus driver, working on Bangkok Mass Transit Authority’s route 34, has contracted coronavirus, it was announced today (Feb. 15). He lives at Suchart market in Pathum Thani province where 41 cases emerged yesterday.


Govt hits back at Covax vaccine alliance critics

The Thai government on Sunday defended its decision not to join the WHO-sponsored coronavirus vaccine program, saying that to do so would risk the country paying more for the shots and facing uncertainty about delivery times.


Spirit mediums take aim at military coup

Myanmar’s traditional spirit mediums have joined the protests against the military coup.

Myanmar’s own Spider Man has also joined the fight against corrupt military rulers. Watch Video Click here


China’s clandestine economic warfare revealed

China’s bid to destroy Australia’s economy is a warning to ASEAN …“Treatise on China’s Clandestine Financial Warfare” is about financial weapons of war, their growing importance in China’s national affairs, and the wide-ranging clandestine use of these weapons by the CCP with the support of the Chinese intelligence community.


Why Mars is having its busiest two weeks in 47 years

It’s a busy February for Mars, with three probes from three separate countries arriving at the Red Planet over the course of just nine days. But this Martian party didn’t happen by coincidence.


Medical volunteer, seven others held without bail

A medical volunteer and seven other suspects arrested during last night’s (Feb. 13) protest have not been bailed out and will be taken to court for a pretrial detention hearing tomorrow.

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20 policemen hurt in ping pong bomb, firecracker blast

Some protest guards had hurled ping pong bombs and firecrackers at policemen last night (Feb. 13) leaving 20 of them injured with seven to eight protesters arrested.
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Protest fracas ends with new rally set for Feb. 20

This evening’s protest ended at 8.25 p.m. after a melee at the City Pillar Shine with protesters setting a seven-day deadline for the government to free four detained leaders and if not another rally will be held on Feb. 20.


Protesters write messages on red cloth at Democracy Monument

People’s Party protesters wrote their grievances and demands on a large red cloth spread on the road at Democracy Monument today (Feb. 13) as they continued their pro-democracy drive.


South African Covid variant reaches Thailand

The Public Health Ministry’s Disease Control Department confirmed today (Feb. 14) that the South African coronavirus strain has reached Thailand through a Thai man who had gone to Tanzania to buy gems.


Protests continue in Myanmar as army faces crippling strike

Anti-coup protests raged on in Myanmar for the ninth day today (Feb 14) with the military also hit by a strike by government workers. Hundreds of railway workers joined demonstrations in Yangon.


Myanmar: Arrests mount as protests expand

Hundreds of people have been detained in Myanmar including civil servants and doctors as the military expands its dragnet amid a big wave of anti-coup protests.


Govt moves to help Covid-hit credit card debtors

The government has persuaded 22 credit card issuers and financial service providers to reach debt settlement with their clients amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak that has rocked the economy.


Covid count drops in Samut Sakhon but climbs in Tak

There were 126 new Covid cases over  24 hours to this morning (Feb. 13) and a big drop in Samut Sakhon to 53 but a jump to 52 in Tak while seven cases emerged in Bangkok.


Rally in front of prison to pressure  for leaders’ release 

A Nonthaburi group is holding a demonstration in front of Bangkok Remand Prison this evening (Feb. 12) to call for the release of four protest leaders held in pretrial detention within.


Pheu Thai tells govt to probe use of tear gas

Pheu Thai Party leaned on the government to probe use of tear gas against protesters last Thursday even as US voiced concern about recent arrest of demonstrators.


Three wounded as hundreds of thousands protest in Myanmar

Myanmar protesters clashed with police with three of them getting shot as hundreds of thousands demonstrated against the military junta cross the nation with US also slapping sanctions against the generals


175 new Covid cases but university temporarily shut down

The coronavirus count for today (Feb. 12) is 175 but 20 staff members of Chulalongkorn University were found infected and the campus is now closed till the end of the month


Protesters to hold parallel no-confidence debate

The People’s Party is gearing up to hold its own no-confidence debate against the government outside Parliament while police freed ten detained protesters after the large crowd surrounded the district police station.


Thai police fire tear gas to block protesters

Police fired tear gas at protesters today (Feb. 10) after they moved from Pathumwan intersection to Metropolitan Police headquarters to demand the release of 10 people who had been detained earlier.


Thai protest leader kicks off rally at Pathumwan intersection

A People’s Party demonstration started in front of MBK shopping mall this evening (Feb. 10) with their leader, Mike Rayong, calling for cancellation of Section 112 of the Criminal Code,  known as the lese majeste law,


Suu Kyi aide arrested as Biden approves sanctions

Detained Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s close aide has been also arrested as protests continued for the sixth day with hundreds gathering outside the Chinese embassy, accusing Beijing of supporting the military junta.


Inside job likely in killing of army officer at camp 

An army officer was shot dead at his camp in Nakhon Phanom camp last evening (Feb. 10) and it is suspected that this was an inside job stemming from personal problems, possibly a love affair.


Daily Covid count up a little to 201

There were 201 coronavirus cases this morning (Feb. 11), up from 157 yesterday, but no more deaths with the toll still at 80 and this taking the overall cumulative count to 24,104 cases


Myanmar protests continue after violence, raid on NLD office

Protesters are back on the streets of Myanmar’s capital today (Feb. 10) even though two people are in hospital after police used rubber bullets and water cannon yesterday. One doctor said the military is also using live rounds.


PM gets letter from Myanmar junta chief, has not replied

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha got a letter from Myanmar’s junta chief Senior Gen. Min Aung Hlaing explaining the situation in his country and asking for Thailand to support democracy there but he has not replied.


Daily Covid count remains low at 157, one more death

While Thailand’s 24-hour tally of Covid-19 cases remained low at 157 today (Feb. 10), another patient died raising the death toll to 80. Meanwhile five out of 13 overseas travellers skipped state quarantine.


Asia-Pacific savers seen trusting robots more than humans

A new study shows that the majority of consumers in Asia-Pacific now trust a robot more than a personal financial advisor to take care of their finances. However robots lagged far behind humans when it comes to stock buying abilities.


Myanmar police fire into air, 4 hurt by rubber bullets

Protests continued across Myanmar today (Feb 9) with four people being injured as police fired gunshots into the air and rubber bullets at the large crowds while also blasting water cannons and firing tear gas at them.


Protesters heap pressure on Myanmar coup leaders

Myanmar’s protesters definitely staged more protests today (Feb 9) with this being the fourth day of huge anti-coup demonstrations. This took place despite a ban on gathering at flashpoint sites.


Loud blast at Myanmar embassy was a giant firecracker

The loud blast-like sound heard in front of the Myanmar embassy on Sathorn road last evening was a giant firecracker ball and not a bomb. Police are chasing Thais for setting it off as no Myanmar nationals were around there when it went off.


Young woman chases off would-be rapist

A young woman managed to save herself from being raped in her hostel room by a love-struck acquaintance after getting a chance to pick up a knife to threaten him.


189 new Covid cases as municipal vaccine purchase blocked

Today’s Covid tally remained low at 189 but there was an announcement forbidding local administrations from directly buying coronavirus vaccines with their own funds.


London’s thinnest house is on sale for £950k

Being sold in London is the British capital’s thinnest house which is just 1.6m at its narrowest and has a kitchen and dining area, reception area, bathroom and two bedrooms within its five floors.


Find your soulmate through the computer?

Amazon’s new six-part sci-fi anthology series is built on the supposition that a scientist or computer, or perhaps a pesky combination of the two, has uncovered the existence of the “soul particle” in humans andva test that will reveal his or her perfect partner.
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Monks join third day of protests in Myanmar

Anti-coup protests are continuing for the third day today (Feb. 8) in Myanmar with saffron-robed monks at the vanguard of the march. Government workers were urged to join the civil disobedience campaign.


Gunshots fired at anti-coup protesters captured on Face Book 

Footage has emerged of onlookers ducking for cover as shots are fired at protests in a town in Myanmar’s southeast against a military coup, demanding the release of deposed leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Live videos posted to Facebook on Sunday afternoon show people hiding as armed, uniformed soldiers move up the street to break up protests in Myawaddy, near the border with Thailand.


Why tyranny is winning the war against Democracy

While recriminations over last week’s coup in Myanmar may be inevitable, they are beside the point. The issue now is what is the international community going to do about it? The quick answer, based on recent precedents, is not a lot.


Thanathorn off the hook as court revokes vaccine video clip order

Progressive Movement leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit won an important legal battle after the Criminal Court today (Feb. 8) revoked an order to suspend a video clip he released on the coronavirus vaccine policy.


Daily Covid count drops further to 186

The daily coronavirus tally plummeted again today (Feb 8) with 186 cases emerging taking the overall total to 23,557. From Dec. 15 to this morning there have been 19,320 cases altogether.


Angry husband kills wife’s lover, beats her up

A jealous husband shot dead his wife’s lover and severely pistol-whipped her at their rendezvous in a forest in Ubon Ratchathani province. Police quickly tracked him down and he has now been charged with murder.


Star Wars tensions rise as robot probes approach Mars

The skies above Mars will witness some startling aeronautical displays in the next few days when three rival space robot probes reach the red planet after journeying for millions of miles across space.

SpaceX to colonize Mars by 2050

This illustration is Lockheed Martin’s concept of a two-stage crewed lunar lander that NASA could use to go to the surface of the Moon. The accent module is derived from the Orion spacecraft to ensure quicker development.

Elon Musk is still confident that 2026 will be the year that his space company SpaceX lands humans on Mars, where he hopes to build a human settlement.