About us


Veteran journalists starting afresh

The team of journalists launching this news portal have decades of experience and are dedicated to bringing readers both in Thailand and at every corner of the world the very best news about Thailand and of course rest of the world.

We want to use the wealth of knowledge and experience we have gained through years of hard work to bring timely, accurate, insightful and balanced news that will help our readers stay ahead of the game of life, be this a small issue at home or a major national or international development.

We will be by your side every day to help shed light on what is actually going on and really value your support.

The internet has described by Eric Bleecher as the “first mass medium in history with almost no barriers to entry and practically unlimited content-carrying capacity” and we are fully part of this new digital wave and will remain digitally close to you by being just a few clicks away.


Nina Suebsukcharone

(Founder and acting Editor)