30 Malaysian kayakers rescued after their canoes capsize in rough seas


ALL 30 Malaysian kayakers paddling from Langkawi island in Malaysia’s Kedah state to Satun province in Thailand were rescued by Thai authorities after their canoes capsized in choppy seas near the maritime border, Naewna said today (Aug. 29).

Rescuers from Thai Maritime Enforcement Command Centre in Satun, the Naval Special Warfare Command (SEAL) and the Harbour Master’s Office managed to pluck all 30 paddlers, 18 women and 12 men, to safety.

They were making the 32-kilometre trip when hit with strong winds and choppy seas causing their 20 kayaks to go in different directions after capsizing.

Rescuers found 27 of them near Koh Brasamana island off Satun while three others were plucked from the sea off Malaysia’s Perlis state.

This team of athletes were paddling from Langkawi to Satun to promote bilateral relations and tourism in this area with the trip jointly organised by Satun provincial authorities and Langkawi Development Authority.


Thai officials rescuing 30 Malaysian kayakers after their canoes capsized in rough seas between Langkawi and Satun. Photos: Naewna

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