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Capsized pirate-themed pleasure boat will soon be refloated


OFFICIALS are working on refloating a pirate-themed pleasure boat that capsized in Pattaya Bay last evening (Jan. 30) and expect to soon succeed in doing so as it has not sunk, Naewna newspaper said this afternoon.

The pleasure boat, Krakenian, has been fitted out like a pirate ship in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” with food and beverage served and live music played. There are two floors to choose from with the upper level offering a 360-degree view of the bay.

When it started capsizing after being hit by huge waves many tourist boats sailed in to rescue the staff and all were safely brought ashore.

It was found that the boat, which had tilted to one side, is still in good condition but some objects such as sofas and cushions had washed ashore.

Mr. Wasan Meesat, head of Pattaya City’s Marine Disaster Prevention Department, said this boat which had not collided with any other vessel had not sunk but had got stuck in the seabed beneath the shallow waters in that area.

He expects to be able to refloat it in an hour’s time then tow it to safety.

Helping the department is a team from the Marine Office 6 in Pattaya with buoys having been floated around the boat. All the required equipment has already been obtained and talks are being held on how to go about salvaging it.


The pirate pleasure boat that capsized in Pattaya Bay last evening. Photos: Naewna

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