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Progress made in salvaging cargo ship, tugboat beached at Phang Nga island

  A LARGE crane vessel managed to slightly shift a cargo ship that ran aground in the shallow part of a beach at Koh Phra Thong island off Phang Nga coast on June 7 after removing 30 containers with a tugboat that came to its rescue also stuck there, Amarin TV said this morning (June

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Canadian boxer’s action turns into a big issue

STEPS are being taken to resolve the issue of Canadian boxer Dave Leduc, a Lethwei fighter who is the current WLC Cruiserweight World Champion, continuously challenging and provoking Thai middleweight kickboxer Sombat Banchamek, more commonly known as Buakaw Banchamek, to a match, Sanook.com said today (May 9). The 29-year-old Canadian boxer tried to provoke Sombat

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