FEATURE: Electoral campaign catchphrases, who cares?


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

MAJOR PARTIES HAVE COINED pithy, striking catchphrases which they keep repeating whilst delivering electoral campaign speeches in public venues throughout the country. Huge signs on the backdrop of raised platforms and roadside placards ostentatiously advertise their respective slogans.

According to former election commissioner Gothom Arya, various catchphrases of those contesting parties may have been primarily designed to remind constituents nationwide of major plans and schemes which they have repeatedly pledged to carry out with either a success or failure probably depending more or less on certain personalities who are playing pivotal roles in their respective camps.

– The Ruam Thai Sang Chart which is pitting Prime Minister/de facto party boss Prayut Chan-o-cha as sole partisan contestant for head of a post-election government has flaunted a terse slogan literally saying ”Done That, Doing That, Will Continue To Do That.”

Gothom remarked the ultra-conservative party’s punchline is undoubtedly reminding voters of the self-proclaimed event in which Prayut has done things, is still doing so and will continue to do so in the course of public and national interests.

“The Ruam Thai Sang Chart slogan ultimately tells you that if you want Prayut to continue running the country, you must only vote for this party, simple as that,” said the former election commissioner.

– The Palang Pracharath which is sending Deputy Prime Minister/party leader Prawit Wongsuwan as sole partisan candidate for prime minister has come up with a pithy catchphrase saying “Step Beyond Conflict.”

Gothom commented the Palang Pracharath slogan ultimately means to tell the people that Prawit has purportedly already stepped beyond conflict between both ends of the political spectrum which has been featuring unsettled discrepancies between conservatism and liberalism, as he has repeatedly pointed out.

“Prawit himself has kept his distance from Prayut, saying he already learned to be politically resilient and is now prepared to strike a compromise and keep the country moving on, ” said the former election commissioner.

– The Bhumjaithai, steered by de facto party boss Newin Chidchob, has presented a concise punchline saying “Get Things Done As Said.”

Public Health Minister-cum-Bhumjaithai leader Anutin Charnvirakul, pitted as sole partisan contender for prime minister, has now and then claimed credit to Newin’s camp for anti-Covid measures, free marijuana policy, albeit controversial and snag-riddled, and an increased pay for village-based public health volunteers nationwide, among others.

Nevertheless, voters themselves are yet to evaluate the much-advertised Bhumjaithai performance which may have more or less affected them, said the former election commissioner.

– The Pheu Thai which has reportedly planned to send a trio of partisan contestants for prime minister has conspicuously displayed a slogan saying “Think Big, Act Smart For All Thais.”

Gothom remarked the Pheu Thai catchphrase obviously imitates to some extent the one earlier advertised by the dissolved Thai Rak Thai over two decades ago.

According to the former election commissioner, roadside signs and huge banners on the backdrop of makeshift campaign stages carrying the Pheu Thai slogan might probably keep constituents reminding themselves of de facto party boss Thaksin Shinawatra.

“When it comes to ‘thinking big’, the phrase which Thaksin used to say in reference to far-reaching plans and schemes which he has claimed only the Pheu Thai knows how to run,” Gothom said.

– The Move Forward which is largely viewed as a party being constantly emphatical on political ideologies has come up with a stunning catchphrase saying “Thailand Will Never Be The Same.”

Gothom noted that the Move Forward which is pitting party leader Pita Limjaroenrat as sole partisan contender for prime minister is apparently telling constituents nationwide that they could not do much to keep the military out of politics and restructure the military and police, among other problematic issues, unless the country has substantially changed by way of voting for the progressive party.

Nevertheless, Gothom noted, ultra-conservative, elite figures have obstinately stood in the way of the Move Forward agenda so far.


Top and Front Page: Pixelated image of election campaign posters in Bangkok. Photo: Thai Rath

First insert: Ruam Thai Chang Chart Party campaign slogan “Done That, Doing That, Will Continue To Do That.” Image: Facebook

Second insert: Palang Pracharth Party Facebook image.

Third insert: Bhujaithai Party slogan “Get Things Done As Said.” Image: Facebook

Fourth insert: A Pheu Thai Party campaign poster. Photo: The Standard

Fifth insert: Move Forward campaign posters. Photo: Amarin TV

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