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Chinese man brutally murdered in Rayong


RAYONG police are investigating the brutal murder of a Chinese man whose body was found in a pond by his friends who work at a factory in this eastern coastal province, Matichon newspaper said this morning (Aug. 11).

At midnight last night Pluak Daeng police station was alerted of a dead body dumped in this pond at Map Yang Phon subdistrict and a team quickly went there to investigate.

At the pond, which is surrounded by tall grass, they saw the murdered man’s head wrapped in a black cloth floating above the water. Upon being brought ashore it was found that the black cloth covering his head was tightly tied with wire with both legs also tied with wire but he was wearing only one sneaker. When the cloth was removed they saw that his head had been smashed with a hard object.

The unidentified murder victim’s body was sent to Pluak Daeng Hospital for autopsy and it is estimated that he has been dead for two days.

Investigation revealed that no one had seen the dead body being dumped in the pond which was only found after the victim’s friends who work at a factory searched for him.

They finally came across the other side of his sneakers near this pond and then found his body thrown there.

Police are going through surveillance camera clips to track down the culprits and are also checking the victim’s background. They will be questioning his group of friends who searched for him until they found his dead body.

However it is clear that he was murdered elsewhere with his body then dumped in this pool.


The murder victim’s sneaker which his friends found near the pond leading to the discovery of his dead body. Photo: Matichon

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