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More body parts found as Spanish suspect is being taken to court


MORE body parts of a Colombian surgeon murdered and dismembered by a Spanish chef suspect on Koh Phangan last week were found in a black bag that washed up on a beach of this popular tourist island with the police taking the suspect to the court today (Aug. 8) to apply for initial 12-day detention, Naewna newspaper said.

Within the black bag found on the beach were the head, palms and two arm parts belonging to Mr. Edwin Miguel Arrieta Arteaga, 44, a gender reassignment surgeon from Colombia who was allegedly murdered and dismembered by his partner Mr.Daniel Jeronimo Sancho Bronchalo, 29, a successful chef who runs a popular Youtube channel called Puro Disfrute.

Divers are searching the area of the sea where Bronchalo said he paddled a kayak to and flung in a suitcase packed with some body parts. What is in this bag is what remains to be recovered with all other parts found after the first parts were discovered at a garbage dump.

A biopsy of hair, fat stains and tissue found in the sewer of Bronchalo’s hotel room confirmed that they belong to Arteaga.

After collecting evidence police are today taking Bronchalo to Koh Samui Provincial Court to ask for the first 12-day detention on charges of premeditated murder, destroying the victim’s body, hiding his body parts and concealing his death.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Surapong Thanomjit, the head of Provincial Police Region 8, said when he took the suspect for crime reenactment he had told him that Arteaga got angry after he refused to have sex with him and this led to a punchup. After Arteaga’s head hit the bathtub and he died he then chopped up his body and discarded the parts.

However police are also investigating whether there are financial issues involved because the two of them had known each other for over a year and had previously attended a Full Moon party on the island with Arteaga covering the expenses.

Arteaga had also invested in opening a restaurant for Bronchalo in Spain.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Surapong said Arteaga’s relatives will be questioned about  how much valuables he brought with him to Koh Phangan.

Another angle of the investigation is the suspect’s statement that he wanted to break up with Arteaga but was threatened with this leading to the murder.


Murder suspect Mr.Daniel Jeronimo Sancho Bronchalo, left, and the deceased Colombian surgeon Mr. Edwin Miguel Arrieta Arteaga, right, inset on the Koh Phangan garbage dump where the initial body parts were found. Photo: Naewna

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