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Thaksin only anticipates days, not months or years, in jail upon return


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

DE FACTO PHEU THAI BOSS Thaksin Shinawatra has been desperately anticipating a matter of days, not months or years, for himself being put behind bars upon returning home, according to a partisan source.

Thaksin has been impatiently waiting for his party’s rank and file to run the country again so they will almost certainly find ways and means to help him out with his convicted jail term sooner than later, said the source who only spoke on condition that he not be identified.

The globetrotting Thaksin who has recently shown up in Hong Kong and Phnom Penh will not return home as repeatedly heralded until Pheu Thai candidate Srettha Thavisin has been voted the country’s 30th prime minister and his party has completely set up a coalition government.

The deposed prime minister who has been residing in self-exile abroad for the last 17 years following the 2006 coup has postponed his planned homecoming twice since last month with a previous schedule for the upcoming Thursday having been put off for no more than a couple of weeks.

The de facto Pheu Thai boss had planned his homecoming in consequence of the naming and voting of Srettha for head of government earlier scheduled for Aug. 4 but House Speaker Wan Muhamad Noor Matha rescheduled it tentatively for Aug.17, thus prompting him to tweet to say he has put it off for no more than a couple of weeks with a lame excuse of a doctor’s order for his medical checkup in an undisclosed country.

Given the possibility of the real estate tycoon-turned-top candidate being finally voted head of government, the Pheu Thai would finish the long-delayed setup of a coalition government later this month, thus quickly giving the green light for their de facto party boss to return.

Thaksin had earlier planned to fly a private jet from abroad to land at Don Mueang airport from where he would be immediately brought by Corrections Department officials to the Supreme Court and then to Bangkok Remand Prison where he would be imprisoned for 10 years as earlier sentenced in absentia by court under three separate cases of convicted misconduct in office.

But, according to the partisan source, the de facto Pheu Thai boss has largely expected himself to be put behind bars for a matter of days and not months, let alone years, and to be literally helped out by his men, given the sought-after event in which they will finally find legal loopholes and leniency measures to free him from jail.

Thaksin has anticipated himself to be physically contained somewhere in sort of house-arrest fashion where he could possibly literally babysit any of his seven grandchildren after he may have spent a short period of time at Bangkok Remand Prison.


Top: Pheu Thai de facto boss/former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra speaks to Reuters during an interview in Singapore. File photo: Reuters and published by Yahoo!News

Front Page: Former premier Thaksin Shinawatra. Photo: Thai Rath

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