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Spanish chef confesses to murdering Colombian surgeon


POLICE on Koh Phangan said this afternoon (Aug. 5) that a Spanish chef has confessed to the murder and dismemberment of a Colombian surgeon with most body parts packed in a suitcase and dumped into the sea but some parts that did not fit in were discarded at a garbage dump, TV Channel 7 said.

Latest reports of the investigation into this grisly crime states that Mr. Daniel (surname withheld), 29, had now confessed to killing Mr. Edwin (surname withheld), 44.

After doing so he dismembered Edwin’s body and packed the parts into his suitcase. However as all would not fit in he put some in black garbage bags and discarded them at the rubbish dump, police said, adding that he had then rented a kayak near the hotel and took the suitcase and threw it into the sea.

After his confession officials began putting together a team to search the sea near Haad Salad beach for this suitcase.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Surapong Thanomjit, the head of Provincial Police Region 8, said forensic police had collected evidence believed to be human parts, including some hair, fat stains and tissue, from a sewer at Daniel’s hotel room and sent them to Yala for a biopsy with the result of the examination expected tomorrow (Aug. 6).

Surveillance camera clips had also shown a link as Daniel was the last person to be with Edwin before he was murdered, Pol.Lt.Gen.Surapong said, adding that the police team had rushed to gather and go through the evidence.

Talks with Edwin’s relatives right from the start revealed that Edwin was a surgeon specialising in sex reassignment procedure in Colombia.

They added that he had known Daniel, who is a famous chef in Spain, for over a year and the two of them arranged to meet at Koh Phangan to attend the island’s famous Full Moon party.

However after he arrived on the island his relatives were unable to reach him and when they asked Daniel he told them that he had not met him.

They had contacted the Tourist Police to check the hotel where he had reserved a room but he was not found there. It was later discovered that Daniel had checked out of this hotel and rented a room at another hotel before the deceased arrived with human body parts being found the day after he did so.

Pol.Lt.Gen.Surapong also said that the motive for committing murder is as yet not known but it is believed this stemmed from jealousy.

Daniel was clearly stressed upon being detained after his visa was revoked and police closely guarded him. However he refused to confess until it was reported that he had done so today.


Top: A masked image of the suspect inset on a background of the garbage dump. Photo: Naewna

Front Page: Koh Phangan police investigating the gruesome murder. Photo: TV Channel 7

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