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Dismembered body part found at Koh Phangan garbage dump


IN A GRISLY discovery at a Koh Phangan rubbish dump today (Aug. 3) a body part was found in a blue plastic bag with police suspecting it belonged to a foreign man who had been killed and his body cut up and disposed not more than 48 hours ago, Amarin TV said.

Pol. Col. Paisan Sangthep, deputy chief of Surat Thani provincial police, together with provincial and Koh Phangan police teams, a doctor from Koh Phangan Hospital and the island’s rescuers went to inspect the garbage dump after being notified of the body part being found there.

Within the blue plastic bag was the hip of a human being dismembered from both thighs to the waist. It is presumed to belong to a foreign man to go by thick black body hair.

The island’s sanitation workers had found this suspicious bag while sorting the garbage and upon opening it made the horrifying discovery after which they quickly alerted the island’s police.

The body part was taken to the hospital for autopsy while the sanitation workers who found it were questioned at the police station.

Police investigators are going through surveillance camera clips and questioning staff at various hotels to find out if any guest is missing while also searching for the victim’s remaining body parts.

Pol. Col. Paisan told police investigators to quickly solve this case and track where the blue plastic bag came from as it is likely it was purchased on the island.

They were also told to focus on video clips from surveillance cameras in Ban Thong Sala community near the garbage dump.


The garbage dump where the dismembered body part was found. Photos: Amarin TV

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