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Foreigner found dead with slit throat in Pattaya


A NORWEGIAN man was found dead with a slit throat at a rented room in the middle of Pattaya City last night (Mar. 8) with police investigation revealing that he had recently broken up with his Thai girlfriend and since then was rather quiet and had said he wanted to die, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Mar. 9).

At 10 p.m. Pol. Lt. Col. Saijai Khamchula, an inspector at Pattaya City police station, was notified of a foreigner having died at a room in the middle of this seaside city and quickly went there with some forensic and Tourist policemen as well as Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan rescuers.

The Norwegian man, identified as Mr. Paal Frode Aaberg, 58, was found lying on a bed with his throat slashed in a third-floor room of an eight-storey building. The blood had soaked the mattress and spilled onto the floor.

Police also found a 15-centimetre fruit knife dropped on the floor by the bed. However there were no traces of a fight in the room.

Upon being questioned, Ms. Angkhana Roswan, 40, a friend of the deceased said she came over to see him at 8 p.m. but after knocking on the door several times he did not open the door.

As the Norwegian man had previously said he did not want to live anymore she asked the housekeeper to use the spare key to unlock the room. Upon opening the door she was shocked to see him lying in a pool of blood so quickly called the police.

Police examined surveillance camera clips but did not find anything suspicious. The deceased man had walked back to his room at 3 p.m. and stayed there until his friend found his dead body in this room he had rented on Jan. 17.

Police have assumed that this is a suicide but the cause has to be determined again through questioning witnesses. However his friends had already mentioned that after breaking up with his Thai girlfriend recently he turned quiet and had said he wanted to die.

With his body having been sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy, police confirmed that they will accelerate investigation to summarise the true cause of death.


The Norwegian man’s friend and building staff in the corridor outside the room where the Norwegian man was found dead. Photo:Thai Rath

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