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French chef kills foreigner, Asian woman in fight at sausage shop


A FRENCH chef got injured while shooting to death a foreign man, believed to be his business partner, and an Asian woman at his sausage and ham production shop in Sukhumvit soi 49 this afternoon (May 4), INN News said.

Thonglor police rushed to the shop in sub-soi six and saw the two persons lying dead while the French chef, only identified as Mr. David, had been taken to the hospital after also being shot and wounded. His white apron and jacket were hanging at the fence.

An assistant chef told police that the shooting took place during lunch break when the foreign man and the Asian woman showed up at the shop and asked to talk to David, and he thought they were customers.

They then walked into the cold storage room, he said, after which he heard two shots, but initially thought it was the electric breaker exploding.

He went in to have a look and saw the two men pushing and snatching and tried to stop them. However moments later the two visitors died while David walked out injured with a pistol in his hand, so he quickly took him to the hospital.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Chokchai Ngamwong, deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, confirmed that the injured man was French while the man who was shot dead was a foreigner and the woman Asian but as yet uncertain whether she was Thai or not.

Police are now gathering evidence and finding out what led to the shooting.


Thonglor police at the sausage and ham shop where the shootout took place this afternoon. Photos: INN News

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