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Soldier kills wife then himself while getting divorced


A YOUNG soldier who had gone from Bangkok to Sisaket province to divorce his wife ended up firing eight shots at her in her pickup truck and then a little later shot himself dead at the City Pillar shrine, Thai Rath newspaper said today (Dec. 9).

At 10.45 a.m.Pol. Col. Narin Bupta, superintendent of Kantharalak police station, and his team rushed to Kantharalak district office parking lot where the killing had taken place.

There they found Ms. Chaowanee Ari, 36, dead at the driver’s seat of the white pickup truck after being shot in her face eight times with the window also shattered. Next to the vehicle were found eight 9mm bullet casings.

Just then they were informed that a man had shot himself dead at the Kantharalak City Pillar shrine, about two kilometres away, so rushed there to check.

Found dead there was Private Prayong Sompong, 34, attached to the Royal Thai Armed Forces headquarters, after he evidently shot himself in the right temple with a CZ automatic pistol and next to him was a 9mm casting.

Investigation revealed that the deceased were married with the soldier being based in Bangkok and his wife had lived with him there but after a lot of quarrels she returned to her hometown.

They had made an appointment to file for divorce today but because of a long queue came out to talk at the parking lot. However they started arguing again and Chaowanee then walked to her pickup to drive home.

At this point her husband went to his vehicle and after picking up his pistol went and shot her dead at her vehicle.

He then drove to the City Pillar Shrine and killed himself to escape punishment.


The soldier’s body being carried out of the City Pillar shrine, top, and the pickup truck where wife was shot dead, Home Page. Photos: Thai Rath


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