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Rescue volunteer shot dead in downtown fight with another foundation

VOLUNTEERS from two rescue foundations clashed in a turf battle on Kasemrad road in front of Lotus hypermarket Rama 4 branch last night leading one Por Tek Tung staff member being shot dead and three others injured, Matichon newspaper said today (Apr. 18).

Thonglor station police rushed to the scene at 1.20 a.m. and upon arriving found that the six-lane road was littered with bricks and shards of broken glass bottles with one rescue volunteer shot in the chest. Identified as  Mr. Chusana Chotiprom, 25, he was rushed to Chulalongkorn Hospital where he later died.

The three other injured Por Tek Tung workers were taken to Hua Chiew Hospital for treatment.

Other members of this rescue foundation were scattered in the area while those from Siam Ruamjai Foundation had fled.

A friend of one of the injured rescuers told police that last night their foundation had received four false reports causing confusion. However they later got a report of a car accident on this road but upon arrival the team from the other foundation fired at them from the store right in front of policemen who had arrived to check the accident.

This led to their friends getting injured with the others quickly dashing away.

Meanwhile Mr. Chakrabongse Ruangdej, 38, a Por Teck Tung rescuer, told police that members of Siam Ruamjai foundation had previously worked for his foundation. However upon being sacked they set up their own foundation operating in the Thonglor area and this had led to frequent clashes.

It had been agreed upon that the two groups were to negotiate at the scene of last night’s accident but upon arrival the other party fired a pistol and threw bricks and bottles at them, he added.


The scene of the clash between the two rescue foundations last night. Photos: Matichon

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