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Russia hits Kyiv and Lviv, presses offensive in ruins of Mariupol

  By Reuters, published by Cyprus Mail, plus BBC Kyiv, Mariupol, Ukraine – Russia’s warplanes bombed Lviv and its missiles struck Kyiv and Kharkiv on Saturday, as Moscow followed through on a threat to launch more long-range attacks on Ukrainian cities after its Black Sea Fleet’s flagship was sunk. In besieged Mariupol, scene of the

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Academic: Covid stats show control measures are not fully effective

  IN A Facebook post today (Apr. 16) Assoc. Prof. Thira Woratanarat of Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Medicine pointed out that the daily Covid death toll has risen alarmingly from January this year with this being  empirical evidence that the public health policies and measures have not been effective enough in controlling the Omicron outbreak

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