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Tenant from hell leaves house full of trash, steals fixtures

A LANDLORD in Ratchaburi province warned others to beware of getting a nightmare tenant as hers had left her house after a lengthy legal battle without clearing owed rent and full of rubbish while also stealing fixtures, said today (Apr. 16).

Writing about the damage she suffered was Ms. Chommanard Lebkhurt on her Facebook page entitled Na Photharam, with her house being located in the Photharam district of this province.

She related that the tenant who left owed her over 100,000 baht in rent after staying in her house for seven years and while initially regularly paying the rent later stopped doing so. Not too long ago they had also stopped paying the electricity bills and the power got cut off.

It took her two years to evict the tenant, a 38-year-old man and his 23-year-old wife with one trading at a flea market and the other employed by a company as a delivery rider.

When the tenant stopped paying the rent Chommanard had asked Damrongdhama Centre to mediate, but he refused to meet the officials. She then filed a case in court but the tenant again refused to attend the hearing and despite a verdict that he had to move out, refused to do so.

It was only after the Legal Execution Department officials came and made him sign a document acknowledging that he had to leave did they move out.

Reporters from this news portal went to inspect the two-storey house, which is an inherited property, and were taken aback by the stench lingering throughout the ground floor with rooms filled with piles of garbage, clothes, mattresses and pillows, plastic bags, water bottles and some soil scattered around.

The bathroom too was filled with unusable appliances and other items. Various fixtures including washbasins, brass faucets, ceiling fans as well as furniture had been removed and taken away.

There were more piles of rubbish on the second floor but more shocking was some used syringes discarded in many places.

Chommanard mentioned that this house belonged to her late mother and as she had to go work in Bangkok she discussed with her father to rent it out as otherwise it would deteriorate as there would be no one taking care of it.

Initially some students rented it and there were no problems but then she was trapped by this unscrupulous tenant.

She urged other landlords to be careful in renting out their property and to check all the documents before signing a contract and observe the behaviour of the tenant to make sure their beautiful home does not turn into a pile of garbage.

The reporters questioned the neighbours about the tenant and his wife and they said as neighbours they did not have any problems and sometimes shared food with them. Initially they were the two of them but later they had a baby girl after that their father came to live with them too. 

They added that they did not know anything about how they were living within the house.


The badly damaged house that is full of trash. Photos:

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