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1.62 million people benefit from upgrading land papers to title deeds


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

AN ESTIMATED 1.62 MILLION farmers and villagers nationwide can now have papers which they may currently hold to occupy state-owned land finally upgraded as individually-owned land title deeds for agriculture, said a senior official today (Nov.16).

Agricultural Land Reform Office secretary-general Winarot Sapsongsuk confirmed that some 1.62 million people in all regions of the country can have their ALRO 4-01 papers upgraded as land title deeds for agriculture which will be officially granted in a two-month time from now.

A total of about 22 million rai of state-owned land in the provinces have been occupied by those farmers and villagers for which ALRO 4-01 papers had been issued, Winarot said.

Land title deeds which may change hands between individual holders and their immediate relatives can be granted in lieu of ALRO 4-01 papers on grounds that farming or other agricultural activity may have been carried out on those parcels of land for a minimum of five consecutive years, the agency’s chief said.

However, the land title deed holder is practically obliged to grow valuable plants or cash crops such as rice and rubber trees on their land.

Land title deeds can be used as collateral for loans which the holder may borrow from any banks or financial institutions, especially the state-owned ones, he said.


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