Farmers told to sell rice to cooperatives for better profit


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

AGRICULTURE MINISTER THAMMANAT Prompao today (Nov.7) encouraged farmers to only sell Hom Mali fragrant rice to local agricultural cooperatives in lieu of private millers to get a higher profit.

Given a combined 10 billion baht funding from the government, a total of 480 agricultural cooperatives nationwide are offering to buy the farmers’ Hom Mali rice for 12,200 baht per tonne, compared to a range of 10,800 to 11,000 baht per tonne currently offered by private millers, according to the agriculture minister.

The farmers will get an additional 300 baht in selling price per tonne after their produce has been milled, thus earning a total of 12,500 baht per tonne, Thammanat said.

Besides, the farmers are strongly advised to store their rice upon harvest in their own barns for the time being, then wait for direct sale to the cooperatives at a later date and finally earn an extra 1,500 baht per tonne.

Altogether, the farmers could finally earn a total of 14,000 baht for a tonne of their rice only by dealing with the agricultural cooperatives in lieu of the private millers whom they may have earlier supplied, according to the agriculture minister.

Thailand is expected to produce a range of 17 to 20 million tonnes of rice in 2023/2024 season, a range of four million to five million tonnes of which will be destined for export.


Top and Front Page: Thai rice farmers. Photos: Thai Rath

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