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Pheu Thai digital wallet project merely copycatting Japan: MP


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THE PHEU THAI DIGITAL WALLET project is merely a copycat of Japan’s shopping coupon programme allegedly implemented to no avail over the last couple of decades, said Move Forward MP Sirikanya Tansakul today (Oct.21).

The Pheu Thai under de facto party boss Thaksin Shinawatra has publicly vowed to carry out their version of Japan’s shopping coupon programme implemented in 1999 despite the fact that it completely fizzled out in that country, according to Sirikanya’s latest post on her Facebook page.

The Japanese populist campaign under which a total of 31 million shopping coupons worth 20,000 yen each had been distributed to each child and elderly person had reportedly failed to encourage the people to increase spending out of their own pocket apart from the use of the handout coupons to buy goods and services within a six-month period, according to the Move Forward MP.

Japan’s domestic consumption in terms of sustainable goods such as food and fuels had not substantially increased whilst that of sustainable ones such as clothes, handbags and shoes had slightly risen under the shopping coupon programme, Sirikanya pointed out.

An estimated 56 million Thai nationals, aged 16 years and over, would not spend much of their own money other than the sum of 10,000 baht in the digital wallet handed out to each of them by the Pheu Thai-led government, she said.

She said most of the recipients would rather choose to save their money for themselves or would not spend so much out of their own pocket whilst, she contended, the government’s populist handout project will not decisively encourage them to do so during a six-month period.

Whilst the government has not yet resolved as to where an estimated 560 billion baht in funding for their digital wallet project could possibly come from, the Move Forward MP charged that a substantial portion of it would likely come from the Government Savings Bank.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and the Pheu Thai rank and file had repeatedly reassured that the digital wallet project could considerably boost domestic consumption, stimulate the local economy nationwide, create jobs, particularly those in the industrial sector, and increase the country’s GDP.


Top and Front Page: Move Forward MP Sirikanya Tansakul and a banner promoting the 10,000 baht digital wallet project. Photos: Matichon

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