Lottery chaos: Couple with winning number fails to get 30 million baht

  A COUPLE filed a police report against an online lottery vendor after the number on five tickets they had ordered but did not received, 727202, turned out to be the first prize winner in Sunday’s draw, with the total payout being whooping 30 million baht, said today (Oct. 2). At 10.30 a.m. Mr.

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Narumon tipped to be named another Trade Representative

  By Thai Newsroom Reporters AN OUTSPOKEN NARUMON PINYOSINWAT will likely be named another Thailand Trade Representative very shortly, government sources said today (Oct.2). The former deputy labour minister and former government spokeswoman is largely speculated to join Nalinee Taveesin who has already been named Thailand Trade Representative by Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin. Nalinee had

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Local news

All nine districts of Sukhothai hit by flash floods

  By Thai Newsroom Reporters ALL NINE DISTRICTS of Sukhothai are critically affected by flash floods due to torrential rain and an overflowing river, officials said today (Oct.2). An estimated 1,365 households in low-lying terrains in 165 villages throughout Sukhothai are being evacuated, following the weekend’s torrential rain and Yom River overflowing from northern provinces

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