Lottery chaos: Couple with winning number fails to get 30 million baht


A COUPLE filed a police report against an online lottery vendor after the number on five tickets they had ordered but did not received, 727202, turned out to be the first prize winner in Sunday’s draw, with the total payout being whooping 30 million baht, said today (Oct. 2).

At 10.30 a.m. Mr. Somkiat (surname withheld), 60, and his wife Ms. Nareerat, 37, told police at Taluk Du station, Thap Than district, Uthai Thani province, that they had got this number by performing a fortune stick prediction at a shrine.

As none of the lottery vendors they talked to had this number, on Sep. 23 they checked an online lottery vending webpage. There they were able to place an order for five tickets with this number, at cash on delivery.

However even though they waited for the lottery tickets they were not delivered thus payment not made.

After finding out that this is the first prize winning number they contacted the webpage but the administrator refused to take any responsibility for the uncompleted transaction, saying they had not confirmed the purchase and could not be contacted so tickets were sold to others.

The two of them therefore today filed the complaint to stake their right to the big prize.


Mobile phone chat between the lottery buyer and seller. Photo:

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