Another huge statue unveiled in Nonthaburi


EVEN as Bangkokians are still agog over a huge black statue of an emaciated, winged figure with golden fangs and scarlet talons outside a hotel, a bigger statue of Sihuhata deity has been unveiled at adjacent Nonthaburi province, TV Channel 7 said today (Aug. 20).

Bangkok authorities have ordered an investigation after the five-metre-tall Kru Kai Kaew statue – a bald man sitting cross-legged – was installed earlier this month outside the four-star Bazaar Hotel.

This was followed by the unveiling of Sihuhata (four ears and five eyes) deity who according to Lanna belief is a manifestation of the Hindu god Indra.

The massive 24-metre-tall statue, possibly one of the largest in the world, stands majestically over more than six rai of land owned by Subinnimit Foundation with a large number of both Thais and foreigners flocking in to pay homage and ask for blessing from this deity said to shower them with wealth and prosperity.

Ajarn Subin Nathong, the founder of this foundation, related that he set up the organisation after leaving monkhood where he spent many years studying how to cast various spells as it was not appropriate for a monk to dabble in them.

He used his knowledge to support a group of followers with this leading to the foundation being established. After one of his followers donated this land plot to the foundation, he decided to install a Sihuhata statue there.

Subin related that according to the legend Indra transformed himself into the four-eared and five-eyed deity to test the morality of farmers during a time of hardship.

He trampled over their paddy fields to see whether they would show him kindness. Even though some farmers attacked him, he  was not harmed.

However one sympathetic farmer brought him some food to eat but he would not touch it. At nightfall as it got cold, the farmer lit some firewood to keep him warm, but Sihuhata suddenly picked up a red-hot firewood and put it in his mouth and incredibly spewed out gold to the delight of the farmer.

Some of those who came to pay homage to Sihuhata said they heard via social media that a huge statue of him had been installed here and came to pray for good fortune and business success with most of them already familiar with this deity.


The huge statue of Sihuhata at Subinnimit Foundation’s over six rai land plot in Nonthaburi.Top and inserted photos: TV Channel 7, Front Page photo: Naewna

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