Construction of giant Buddha statue visible across Bangkok nearly complete

By Reuters Staff, published by US News & World Report A TEMPLE building a 69-metre-tall (230 ft) Buddha statue that will be visible across Bangkok said construction was nearly complete but its opening may be pushed back to 2022 due to delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Royal Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen temple on

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Local news

Khon Kaen’s dinosaur statue catches fire moments before being dismantled

A MUCH-LOVED dinosaur statue in Khon Kaen’s Mueang district suddenly burst into flames just as it was being dismantled after having suffered severe damage through various road accidents and vibration, Thai Rath newspaper reported this evening (Jan. 13). Called “Nong Dino”, this statue is one of four prehistoric creatures built in 2012 in different corners

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