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Khon Kaen’s dinosaur statue catches fire moments before being dismantled

A MUCH-LOVED dinosaur statue in Khon Kaen’s Mueang district suddenly burst into flames just as it was being dismantled after having suffered severe damage through various road accidents and vibration, Thai Rath newspaper reported this evening (Jan. 13).

Called “Nong Dino”, this statue is one of four prehistoric creatures built in 2012 in different corners of this city as mascots for the National Games with funds pooled in by the local people. All four are temporary figures that are now 10 years old

However this one is located on a traffic island which led to it being hit several times by accidents and also affected by road vibrations.

Prior to being dismantled Nong Dino was struck by a pickup truck which led to its front left leg being broken. There was an outpour of sympathy from Thai netizens who sent their get well wishes. The local authorities had then attached the leg back with a splint. 

After that its back and body had started cracking which led to a decision to demolish it, but after a ceremony was performed and the work crew was about to start dismantling it, Nong Dino burst into flames.


Nong Dino ablaze today before the dismantling was to start. Photos: Thai Rath


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