Over 800 people released from quarantined condominium in Nonthaburi

A CONDOMINIUM building in Nonthaburi province that was completely quarantined for 14 day starting December 30 was reopened this morning (Jan. 13) with 845 residents, among them migrant workers, allowed to leave the premises, reported.

Barbed wire had been rolled around the seven-storey Condo See Chompoo (Pink Condo)  to prevent the residents from leaving the building as part of efforts to control the spread of coronavirus.

A large number of people had flocked to the building to greet their relatives and friends who had been isolated for 14 days.

However Bang Yai district chief Mr. Choon Natadej Kangsukul and other officials as well as the district police officers said the juristic person of the condominium still had to implement various steps for Covid-19 control.

Among the key steps are the registration of all those who reside in this building with outsiders forbidden to enter without permission. Only one doorway is to remain open so that the temperature of all those entering and leaving the premises could be scanned. 

Moreover those residents who work at Bang Yai market must show a certificate clearing them of coronavirus infection before entering.


The condominium that was quarantined and residents forbidden to leave the building for 14 days. Photos:

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