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Thief zooms away with sword at Late King Taksin’s statue

POLICE are chasing a daring thief who stole the sword from the statue of Late King Taksin the Great in Chanthaburi early this morning (July 9) and are confident of apprehending him in a few days’ time, Sanook.com reported.

It was at 7.06 a.m. that the guard, Mr Yung In-orn, 68, saw the thief who had driven up on a red motorcycle climbing down with the pearl-encrusted sword in his hand.

He quickly asked him how he could take this sword but the thief replied that he was only borrowing it to fight drugs and once it was over, would return it.

CCTV clip showed that it took the thief only one minute to grab the sword and come down from the monument.

Detectives at Chanthaburi police station said they are confident of catching this lawbreaker and getting the sword back soon.

This statue of King Taksin has been at this site for a long time. Initially the monument was a small one but later made much bigger. Lots of people, both locals and from other provinces, come to pay respects.

Because of their strong feelings people are giving a lot of importance to this theft and want police to bring the sword back quickly.


Top: The statue of Late King Taksin the Great in Chanthaburi. Thai headline says, “borrowing sword to battle drugs.” Photo: Sanook.com

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