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It is time Baby Boomers like Prayut stopped running the country: Thaksin


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

FORMER PRIME MINISTER Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday (Oct. 12) called Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha a Baby Boomer whom he suggested to stop running the country and leave it to Gen Xers or Gen Yers.

During a video streaming programme, Thaksin strongly advised Prayut to step down and give the young generations the opportunity to run the country on their own since, he said, the army chief-turned-premier has done so in erroneous, futile fashion over the last seven years.

Thaksin made his comments in response to Prayut’s reported intent for himself to prolong his rule for another five years, given the possibility that he might be successfully named head of a post-election government again.

”It is time we the Baby Boomers gave it up for good and let Gen Xers or Gen Yers run the country the way they see fit for themselves. We can no longer catch up with their sophisticated ways of thinking,” said the ex-premier, calling both Prayut and himself Baby Boomers.

Thaksin criticised Prayut for running the country at random like many government officials who may have been only accustomed to the complicated, outdated bureaucratic mechanisms and could hardly adapt themselves to today’s fast-changing, technologically-oriented world. 

Thaksin remarked that Prayut has only been performing on a case-by-case basis and incapable of grasping the big picture of anything. ”Prayut has already done much economic damage to the country. If he was ever given five more years, he would utterly ruin the country,” Thaksin commented.

Prayut has been repeatedly taken to task over his government policy of continuously borrowing money from financial resources to address varied economic problems in allegedly ineffective, error-ridden fashion, thus incurring enormous public debt which might alarmingly rise up to 70% of the country’s GDP. 


Top: Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Top photo: AFP and published by Straits Times, Home Page photo: CNN


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