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Hunted drug runner shot dead in gunfight with police

A DRUG TRAFFICKER who had been on the run for three days after he shot and critically injured an undercover police officer in Nakhon Ratchasima province upon realizing he had fallen into a trap was shot dead in a gunfight with a police team today (August 1), Naewna newspaper reported.

National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda had order Pol. Lt. Gen. Poolsap Prasertsak, head of Region 3 police, to hunt down the drug runner, who had badly injured Pol. Sub. Lt. Song Duaykrathok in a sting operation on July 29, by drawing the support of other police units.

After being tipped off that the drug trafficker, later identified as Mr. Padungsin Lohakart, was hiding at a house in Non Teng subdistrict, part of Khong district of this province, a police team moved in to arrest him at 1 p.m.

However the armed drug runner, who was holed up in the house which is around 30 kilometres from where he had left his motorcycle, refused to surrender and instead fired at the police team leading to a 20-minute gunfight that ended with policemen shooting him dead in self defense.

His body has now been sent for autopsy as required by the law.


Top: The police team studying a map before moving in to arrest the drug trafficker (inset).

First below: The house where the drug trafficker was hiding in

Second and third below: The police team who waged a  gunfight with him. Photos: Naewna


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