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Prayut orders withholding of star witness’s dead body

AS FUROR continues to escalate over the withdrawal of charges against Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya in the hit-and-run case that led to a policeman’s death in September 2012, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today (August 2) ordered that the body of the star witness be withheld for autopsy, Naewna newspaper reported.

Ms. Traisulee Traisoranakul, deputy spokesman of the Prime Minister’s Office, said Gen. Prayut told concerned officials not to release the body fo Mr.  Charuchart Madthong, 40, who had died in a motorcycle accident in Chiang Mai last Thursday, even though his relatives had planned to hold a funeral today.

This step was taken at the urging of several parties, she added.

Meanwhile a lawyer, Mr. Deja Kittiwittayanan, said in an interview with Sanook.com that it is still possible to revive the case against the Red Bull heir even though the prosecutor has dropped the charges.

Section 147 of the Criminal Code states that when a definite order has been issued to not file charges in a case, no further investigation of that person is to be conducted on the same subject, unless new evidence important to the case comes up

All that is necessary to revive it is for someone to go and make a request with investigating officers that this be done. After that a new witness who has never testified before has to be brought in. This could speeding experts, he added.

This should be done if the police and prosecutors want to win back the confidence of the people who believe that the law is sacred but it now seems that money can change the outcome of a case.

Deja pointed out that the death of Chatuchart, the key witness, is a lost opportunity to find out whether he is a real or fake witness.

Regarding intake of cocaine, if there is strong evidence that he really did take the narcotic drug a separate case can be filed against him because there is still two years left in the 10-year statute of limitation.


Top:  An image of the the star witness, Chatuchart, who died last Thursday. Photo: Naewna

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