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Influential municipal councillor’s son held on drug charge

ARRESTED together with an accomplice at 2 p.m. today (August 1) was the son of a well-known Ubon Ratchathani municipal councillor on drug trafficking charges after a total of 72,000 tablets of methamphetamine (Speed) was found in their possession, Naewna newspaper reported.

The Border Patrol Police Unit 227 together with police and soldiers from various other units as well as some local officials arrested the two drug runners, Mr. Kongphop Kongyang, 30, son of influential Khemarat municipal council member, and Mr. Niwat Sibun, 26, in this same district.

The officers caught them just as they were riding into Opmung village in this district on two separate motorcycles and found that they were carrying the meth cache as well as a pistol.

They told police that they were to be paid 10,000 baht each after the delivery of the drug to an agent but got arrested before doing so.


The Speed pills, pistol and the two motorcycles seized from the drug suspects. Photos: Naewna


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