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Cocaine use charge ‘could be filed against Red Bull heir’

THE HEAD of the special police committee investigating the withdrawal of charges against Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya in the hit-and-run case that led to a policeman’s death in September 2012 said an additional charge of cocaine use could be filed if deemed fit but this only if the case has not expired, INN News reported today (August 1, 2020).

Pol. Gen. Satawat Hiranburana, special advisor to the Royal Thai Police and chairman of this special committee, said before the panel’s fourth meeting this morning that his team would go deeper into more details of this case especially issues related to the police officers who had investigated the case at that time.

Many doctors and other witnesses will be required to testify especially on the issue of the cocaine being found in the Red Bull heir’s blood.

The investing officers had said that a dentist confirmed cocaine found in Vorayuth’s blood came from dental treatment which had in turn reacted to alcohol.

On the question as to why a charge of cocaine use was not filed from the point it was discovered in his blood stream leading to this lengthy delay,  Pol. Gen. Satawat said putting up charges is up to the discretion of the investigating officers but it has to be checked whether their decision was correct or not.

He added that the National Counter Corruption Commission has said at a press briefing yesterday that the issue of cocaine being found in Vorayuth’s blood is something for this panel to check and explain with this not conflicting with the bigger panel in anyway,

The panel has to also investigate other additional points in this case and will try to finish its work within 15 days in accordance to the deadline set by National Police Chief Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda.


Top:  Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya. Photo: AFP published by BBC Thai language


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