Farmers guarding durian orchards day and night after big price hike


DURIAN farmers in Tak province just across the border from Myanmar are guarding their orchards day and night to keep thieves at bay after a big price rise this year, Matichon newspaper said today (May 18).

Mr. Chub Buasom, or Uncle Chub, a farmer in Ruam Thai Phatthana subdistrict, Phop Phra district, said previously durians were sold at 120 baht a kg at the orchards but the price has soared to 180 a kg this year. This is due to low output with orchards affected by frequent temperature fluctuation, from hot to cold then hot again.

When the price is good guards have to be hired to watch over orchards day and night to prevent theft.

Most of the approximately a thousand durian trees at eight large orchards in this subdistrict operated by 18 farmers, covering over 100 rai, are the prized Mon Thong variety.

They share information and help solve problems together while mostly using manure or bio-fertilisers because chemical fertilisers are very expensive.

Traders too like buying their crop because of good quality which meets market demand.

Nevertheless these farmers would like the new government to resolve the problem of high fertiliser prices.


Mr. Chub Buasom at his orchard which is right on the Thai-Myanmar border, above, and one of the ripening fruit, Front Page. Photos: Matichon

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