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Mongkolkit shows up at hospital but barred from visiting Thaksin


By Thai Newsroom Reporters

FORMER MAVERICK MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon today (Nov.7) paid a token, yet denied visit to de facto Pheu Thai boss/”sickly” convict Thaksin Shinawatra at Police Hospital.

Corrections Department officials did not only deny the Thai Civilized leader access to the “sickly” Thaksin but barred food including grilled chicken, Som Tam papaya salad and sticky rice which he had brought for the patient from being served in his private ward on the 14th floor of a hospital building, saying only relatives are allowed to visit him.

The sarcastic Thai Civilized leader contended that he was merely representing people who were very curious and concerned over Thaksin’s health conditions which have yet remained a contentious mystery.

The deposed prime minister was rushed from a nursing unit in the premises of Bangkok Remand Prison where he had barely spent a half day to Police Hospital after he had returned from 17 years in self-exile abroad.

That the de facto Pheu Thai boss’s health conditions and symptoms of any diseases have not been divulged to the public despite his having previously been head of government has considerably raised bewilderment and doubts among the people, Mongkolkit said.

The former MP suggested that Thaksin be either returned to Bangkok Remand Prison if he has recovered from undisclosed illnesses or be transferred to a private hospital where medical equipment may be better than that currently available at Police Hospital if he remains critically ill.

Activist members of the so-called Students & People’s Network For Thailand’s Reform earlier demanded that the deposed prime minister’s health conditions be truthfully and publicly disclosed and that he be returned to prison to serve his term, already curtailed by royal pardon from eight years to one year, if they are not clinically concluded as critically ill.

The de facto Pheu Thai boss, father of newly-named party leader Paetongtarn Shinawatra, has been invariably alleged of feigning illnesses only to stay away from prison and be instead hospitalised for a prolonged period of time which has already exceeded a 60-day limit otherwise imposed by law as of Aug.22.

Corrections Department chief Sahakarn Petnarin has officially endorsed the extended period of his hospitalisation outside of the prison.

In case that his stay at the hospital may be extended beyond a 90-day time, Justice Ministry undersecretary Pongsawat Nilayothin will be obliged to officially endorse it and in case of more than 120 days, Justice Minister Thavi Sodsong will be bound to officially endorse it.

Viewed as “Mr. Fix-it” orchestrating the setup of a Pheu Thai-led coalition government literally from his hospital ward, Thaksin was earlier convicted in absentia as guilty of separate counts of misconduct during his previous premiership and is now more or less speculated to be released on parole by next February.


Top and Front Page: Former MP Mongkolkit Suksintharanon carrying food he had brought along to give to de facto Pheu Thai boss Thaksin Shinawatra at Police Hospital but was stopped from seeing him. Photos: Matichon

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