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Phuket landlord shocked at damage caused by foreign tenant


A YOUNG THAI man who had rented his house in Phuket to a Ukrainian man was shocked to discover today (Aug. 24) that the tenant had removed all the built-in furniture with the leaky roof almost collapsing and mould growing on the walls, said.

The landlord, Facebook user Mercedes P. BenzZaa, told Phuket Times news service that he has reported the damage to police who have summoned the Ukrainian tenant but it seems he is getting ready to catch a flight out of the country tomorrow (Aug. 25).

He added that he would like an entry ban imposed on this tenant as he still has a valid lease to continue living in the house and he was afraid if he did so more destruction would occur.

Aside from removing all the built-in cabinets, wardrobes and shelves with the roof too leaking, there are also drilling marks at various points with blue metal shelves placed in every room.

The landlord suspects that the Ukrainian tenant was growing marijuana in the house because it is very humid with mould growing on the walls.

He added that when he tried to make an appointment to go inspect the house, the foreign tenant kept postponing it. When he finally got to go there, he was not at home but his friends were.

When asked about the missing furniture, they told him a workman came and removed them and if they had been thrown away to deduct it from the deposit. However the deposit does not cover the approximate 690,000 baht damage.


Photos show the house when it was rented out and the state it is in now. Credit:

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