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Tenant from hell steals furniture, destroys house

TELEVISION Channel 3’s news anchor related a shocking  experience with a nightmare tenant who stole her furniture and trashed her property, reported this morning (Nov. 4, 2020).

Ms. Praweenmai Baikloy, the news anchor, said in her Facebook post that the damage caused by the tenant totals millions but he has offered a compensation of 20,000 baht only.

She has tried to negotiate but upon being unsuccessful, has now filed lawsuits in both civil and criminal courts.

Praweenmai said the curtains in her rented home had been removed and an entire wall demolished. The furniture that is missing include a leather sofa set, a dining table, a writing table, a bed, a wardrobe and an entire built-in panel in one of the bedrooms.

A lot more is missing among them floor tiles, a gas stove and a water filter, she added.

The destruction was in the drilling of nails to hang pictures, fans and surveillance cameras on almost every wall and also adding an extension to the house.

Praweenmai added that the tenant had also told the neighbours that he had bought the house.

With things not working out despite negotiations with the tenant coming up with a different story every time, she has now taken legal action with the public prosecutors having filed three cases against the tenant.

She listed an important lesson from this case as follows:

–    The rental contract must be detailed;

–    Check the background of the tenant thoroughly, unfortunately our country does not yet have a law allowing the examination of tenant background;

–    When talking and negotiating, there must be a written record every step of the way to prevent backtracking. In this case, daily records, notification and warning letters were kept throughout.

–    Don’t forget to ask to check the house once every three months (unfortunately she skipped this step).

CAPTION: Furniture missing from Praweenmai’s rented house. Thai headline says, “Rented out for less than a year and almost everything has gone.” Photos:



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