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Advertorial: Being ready for the evolution of the new normal at Garden Towers

By Tim Maplethorpe

AS a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, society as we know it, will and must change, which as a result will mean our social and working environmental habits will forever be disrupted and in many cases it will be for the better.

The idea of getting back to normal will not only take a very long time to achieve, even if it is ever possible, but the idea of wanting to go back to normal will be a prospect that many do not want at all.

With the inception of social distancing which, to be frank, in a perfect world and with perfect implementation, we would all be very grateful for, the idea of cramming ourselves into public transport like sardines in a very small toxic tin can, creates a sense of apprehension and for some of us the very real sense of fear. The normal life we all had before will thankfully be no more and the “New Normal” will start to become the reality.

In conversation with a major property developer in Europe who was talking about the rebuilding of economies, and, in particular the housing sector, his underlying message was that homes will be built very differently to how they currently are and they will, and must, now cater for the “new normal” which will include offering space within the household set aside for a working office.

The forced lockdown applied to many of us and in most cases the mantra of working from home was adhered too and implemented very successfully.

Prior to this pandemic we all thought the idea of working from home was not a sustainable one as we feared that we didn’t have the equipment, technology, skills, quiet space, and if we being honest, the trust in ourselves to adhere to a work place that was not governed by our managers which all made us apprehensive that we may not be as productive at home as we want to be with the external / family distractions.

All of these fears seemed to have been overcome relatively easily and by all accounts the production rates have actually increased during this work from home policy.

Change is adopted by the vast majority of us fairly reluctantly as the fear of the unknown is a real challenge to us, but once the said change if forced upon us and our fears are allayed the “New Normal” becomes far more comfortable.

There is a very distinct possibility that now organizations of all sizes have seen the work from home policy play out and the benefits that have sprung up from it which overwhelmingly, but not limited to, include the travel time saving aspect creating higher production with more working hours available and all aligned with the cost saving realities of large expensive office spaces now becoming less necessary.

At Garden Towers we can see the next step in the evolution of the home office and the need for a property that not only allows for a luxury family living but also allows for a defined office space that creates a working environment needed for this new era we are entering into.

Fortunately for us, and unlike most properties and certainly apartment buildings, we are perfectly adapted as our living space is very large, at over 360 sq/m which in most cases means our usable area is far bigger than any single house can offer, therefore we have committed ourselves to moving forward to offer our tenants the combination required for the “New Normal”.

We have two different types of property in our building ranging from 3 to 4 bedrooms and both options come with a private and fully adaptable office space which, along with a business centre that is in our private hotel next door, we also combine this with fully equipped and advanced meeting rooms.  We can also offer a hotel standard fitness centre and a beautiful dedicated restaurant that caters to all tastes and cuisines.

Displayed here are two images from a selection of current photographs from our property and we would be more than happy to meet with you to view for yourself.  We honestly hope you consider letting us help you take the steps now to integrate into the New Normal.


Teo Hong Silom (Garden Towers).

Mobile phone: 0819863138.




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3 Replies to “Advertorial: Being ready for the evolution of the new normal at Garden Towers

  1. Very good article that brings up so many pertinent points. Working from home is going to be a more popular thing, it can save companies commercial rent, and give employees the option of more flexibility. The development of smaller studio condos should be banned. Living in a <30m box is healthy.

  2. I’ve been working from home these last few months and initially I struggled to discipline myself. But I’m used to it now and the saving of money and no hassle of commuting has been a bonus.

    I miss the office social but when things get back to normal I would be more than happy to do 3 days at home and the other 2 at the office. I have kids though and they are currently home schooling so it’ll be a lot easier and quieter when they are back at school. If this became my new working life I would need to move though because privacy on video calls is difficult in my apartment.

    1. Hi Peter. Thx for the reply. Yes I’m hearing from quite a few people that working from home has been easier than they initially thought. A lot of people do of course miss the social aspect of the office so a fine balance maybe the key to it.

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