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Former party executive files case against ‘ghost mask’ gang

THE former chief strategist of Paradonraphab Party has filed a police report against a gang of criminals who have banded under the name “ghost mask” for using weapons to steal face masks and temperature scanners from his building which earlier had been used as this party’s office, PostToday reported this afternoon (18.5.2020).

Mr Phanyot Akkhara-amornpong told Nong Khaem police that the “ghost mask” gang members mixed with businessmen and used face masks to deceive people in many circles.

He added that these gangsters were night raiders active in the area where his building was located. During a recent raid of his complex they used pistols to threaten his workers and walked away with 24,000 face masks which he had bought for donation, and 90 temperature scanners worth 225,000 baht, plus 600,000 baht in cash.

Additional belongings were later found to have been stolen and a second report filed with the police.

Mr Phanyot added that the gangsters falsely claimed that they were close to him and had even doctored a photograph of him with a former prime minister, adding additional images and text, which had led to some cyber page owners regularly attacking him.

In doing this the “ghost mask” gang were trying to cover their tracks by misleading the public into seeing him as a bad person but information was being gathered to unmask them, he said.


Top: Mr Phanyot at the police station. Photo: PostToday

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