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Protest held in front of ministry to get Pornhub back

ANGRY demonstrators from Anonymous and Independent parties held a protest in front of Digital Economy and Society Ministry within the Government Complex on Chaengwattana road this evening (Nov. 3) objecting to the blocking of the well-known adult movie website Pornhub.com, Amarin TV reported.

Leading the protest were Ms. Natta Mahathana, or Bow, a political activist, and Mr. Pakorn Phorncheewangkul, or Hia Bung, who said today they were going to talk about sexual rights.

One of the protesters said he wants to know why the government has to block this website which may lead some people not being able to release their sexual urges and repression could lead to crime.

Sitting in a digital room and watching is not indecent and is the right thing to do, he added.

Another protester said people should have the right to choose the media they want and questioned whether chasing and shutting down porn sites make things anything better.

He added that this is what the protesters will talk about in front of this ministry today.

He also mentioned that the ministry has blocked many other websites but the only ones not shut are gambling sites which hurt the family unit the most yet are still easily accessible.


The protesters rallying in front of the Digital Economy and Society Ministry this evening. Photos: Amarin TV

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