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Free Youth group ends rally at around midnight

WORRIED about their security the Free Youth group and some members of the public who had rallied at the Democracy Monument since last evening broke up their demonstration at around midnight, INN News reported this morning (July 19, 2020).

Those who had organized this demonstration read out a statement making various demands including the following:

  • Announce the dissolution of Parliament;
  • Stop intimidating the people;
  • Draft a new Constitution to halt the transfer of power.

Moreover Mr. Thatphet Ruangpraphaikit-seri, secretary-general of the Free Youth group, announced that his group is giving the government two weeks to follow their demands and if there is no response whatsoever then they will move their rally to the next level.


Students and some members of the public at the Democracy Monument last night. Thai headline says, “Rally ended, worried about security.” Photos: INN News

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