Flood of donations for starving young man

HELP poured in for a starving jobless young man who only had 5 baht in his pocket and was on the verge of collapsing as he walked down a Pattaya road looking for a job after he plucked up courage to ask someone for help, reported this afternoon (July 18, 2020).

Not only did Saravut, or Ton, 22, get an urgently needed meal, with much greater help following after news of  his predicament spread far and wide when  Sophon Cable TV Pattaya highlighted it and this triggering a flood of donations and job offers.

By late afternoon donations reached 89,281 baht at which point he came to thank the news team for broadcasting his suffering and asked them to post a message that he is not accepting any more money as there are others too in dire straits.

Saravut said he has not yet touched the money and is still sleeping at the bar with his friends but plans to use some of it to rent a cheap house as he has now got a job with Thai International Labour Company in Rayong.

After sending some of the money to his wife and children in Sisaket province and sharing a part of it with his friends, he intends to deposit 20 baht at every food stall in the alley where Sophon Cable TV is located as advance payment for a meal should a starving person come asking for one, with 10,000 baht to go for these free meals.

He will also be giving 9,000 baht to the Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Centre.

Saravut encouraged those in difficulty at the moment to not feel shy about asking for help as there are kind people around who would assist them. This is better than being suicidal or thinking about stealing or other crime as that would only take them straight to jail.


Top: Saravut is all smiles after getting cash and a job from charitable folk. Thai headline says, “Thank you, that is enough.” Photo:


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