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Police brace for student gathering this evening

POLICE are on alert for an activity by students of the Free Youth group and the Student Union of Thailand at the Democracy Monument this evening, INN News reported this afternoon (July 18, 2020).

Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda, the national police chief, ordered Pol. Gen. Suvit Changyodsuk, deputy police chief, and Pol. Lt. Gen. Damrongsak Kittiprapas, assistant police chief, to monitor the actions of the students and maintain public order.

He emphasized that police officers are to enforce the law by adhering to the principles of jurisprudence and political science.

While political expression is allowed if there is a difference of opinion, Pol. Gen. Chakthip warned that this must not be done in violation of the law and the rights of the others.

This is especially pertinent right now as the country is under emergency decree to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Moreover they should not slander anyone nor do anything they should not as they would be breaking the law, he warned.

The student were also reminded to not violate the emergency decree and follow all the regulations that have been issued to prevent the spread of  Covid-19 to help Thailand return to normalcy quickly.

Meanwhile Mr. Nattacha Boochai-insawat, spokesman of Kao Klai Party, said his party agreed with the three demands being made by students assembling this evening with these being Parliament be dissolved, the authorities stop intimidating the people and the Constitution be amended.

His party has one more demand to add to the three put up by the students and that is the government and security officials must not violate the right of the students to assemble.’

Should today’s rally end with students being prosecuted on unjust charges by government officials then he and his fellow MPs would move to protect them by bringing up the issue in Parliament.


Top: Pol. Gen. Chakthip announcing that police are on alert for this evening’s assembly by two student groups. Photo: INN News

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