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Kidnapped Chinese businesswoman rescued, gang arrested

METROPOLITAN Police busted a Thai-Chinese kidnap gang who had abducted a Chinese businesswoman for 15 million baht ransom in downtown Sukhumvit area, INN News and Sanook.com reported this morning (Dec. 9, 2020).

The Women’s and Children’s Welfare Division at the Metropolitan police headquarters had been informed by this woman’s friend that she was kidnapped in Sukhumvit Soi 39 with the kidnappers threatening to kill her if he alerted the authorities.

After reporting the case of Metropolitan police chief Pol. Lt. Gen. Phukphong Phongpetra, the police detectives took the kidnapped woman’s friend for further questioning at Thonglor police station and examined the scene of the crime in Sukhumvit Soi 39.

It was discovered that some suspicious persons had followed the kidnapped woman until a white car with the licence plate covered with paper showed up and took her away.

Subsequent investigation led to the kidnapped woman being freed and five to six Thai and Chinese suspects being arrested.

Some of the arrested suspects told police that they committed this crime because they needed the 15 million baht ransom money to sort out debt problems.


Top: A woman’s hands tied up for illustration. Photo: Picturexv


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