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Phuket protesters beam laser messages on buildings during PM’s visit

THE Free Phuket demonstrators beamed laser messages on several buildings on the island at midnight last night attacking the mobile Cabinet meeting taking place there today (Nov. 3), Siam Rath newspaper reported.

In a Facebook post the group said laser messages, such as “window-dressing mobile cabinet,” were projected on many buildings, particularly those in Phuket old town and Thalang road.

“Laser beaming is a peaceful symbolic expression that we choose to use. The trip to Phuket by the Cabinet of (Prime Minister) Gen. Prayut during Nov. 2-3 is like #window-dressing.

“The civil servants in the area join together to give to the master and unite with each to not see the people. They lied and betrayed Phuket people over and over again by saying they will take up the matter and solve the problem but in the end, the quality of life of the Phuket people is the same.

“We Phuket people (don’t endure) don’t accept these deceptions anymore. Our proposal to the government right now is #Prime Minister must resign only!!!! #Window-dressing Cabinet, “the protesters’ Facebook message said.

Security officials told the ministers before the Cabinet meeting that the Phuket group of demonstrators made a move and showed their power through shining laser messages at midnight last night.

It was reported that Gen. Prayut told the Cabinet meeting that “It was my fault for coming here and also wrong for not being able to meet the request.”


Top: A protest laser message, “window-dressing mobile cabinet,” is beamed onto a Phuket building. Photo: Siam Rath

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