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MP sarcastically blasts Election Commission’s curbs amid flood woes

By Thai Newsroom Reporters

THAI ECONOMIC PARTY secretary-general Pai Lick has responded to the Election Commission’s contentious regulations to keep MPs from handing out money or items for free to anyone in trouble anywhere with a rare touch of sarcasm.

Pai, an MP of Kampangpet, today (Sept. 29) posted on his Facebook page his sarcastic suggestion that the parliamentary term of the elected legislators be curtailed from four years to three and a half years to better suit the Election Commission’s restrictions on their daily activities which may merely be intended to help the people such as those in their constituencies who are currently affected by flooding.

The polling agency has issued regulations for all MPs to comply during a current 180-day period prior to March 24, the date on which their four-year term is scheduled to end, to the effect that they be not legally allowed to hand out money or items as giveaways to anyone in trouble, especially their own constituents, otherwise they could probably be accused of breaking the law by way of vote-buying tactics ahead of the next general election.

The Thai Economic secretary-general has jumped onto the bandwagon of many MPs on both sides of the House chamber aisle taking the Election Commission’s regulations to task, saying they all are dutifully bound to help the people in trouble due to flooding or other natural disasters.

Pai said it is practically difficult for opposition MPs to get their messages across to the government in due course with respect to the current woes of the flood victims whilst the House of Representatives is currently in recess, thus forcing them to scramble to take care of the affected people in hands-on, emergency mode.

Pai said he considered such undue restrictions set by the Election Commission as ultimately undue and unfair whilst members of cabinet enjoy the privileges of handing out money and relief items to the people, given their capacity of being government officials.

Nevertheless, the polling agency has cautioned all cabinet members to see to it that they will not manage to woo popularity from among constituents for themselves or partisan MPs or any electoral candidates whilst doing their government chores anywhere or else they could probably be as well faced with attempted vote-buying charges.


Thai Economic Party secretary-general Pai Lick. Top photo: Thai Rath, Front Page photo: INN News

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