Misprinted 20 baht polymer banknotes in circulation

THE BANK of Thailand said today (Sept. 29) that an error was found in a batch of 20 baht banknotes with the Thai numeral not matching the Arabic one but the public could still use them as normal until they are fully removed from the system, said this evening (Sept. 29).

Ms. Wachira Aromdee, the central bank’s deputy governor for administrative affairs, said further distribution of the misprinted banknotes was immediately halted.

The error occurred in the printing process undertaken by De La Rue International Limited (DLR) that got a contract in 2020 to supply 100 million banknotes.

De La Rue issued a statement saying it understands the root cause of the error and has put corrective actions in place to ensure it does not reoccur.

The Bank of Thailand said people can continue using these misprinted banknotes with the usual option of exchanging them at commercial banks and specialised financial institutions.

The central bank is accelerating the removal of these erroneous banknotes from circulation and is in the process of investigating the details of what caused this error together with De La Rue, which has said it will fully help in completely resolving this problem.


Some 20 baht banknotes. The Thai headline says, “Erroneous banknotes.” Photo:

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