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Pagoda at Chiang Mai temple collapses after days of rain


AN HISTORIC pagoda at Wat Srisuphan Silver Temple in Chiang Mai collapsed after several days of torrential rain today (Sept. 29) with this following the collapse of a part of the historic city wall near Chang Puak gate that has been standing for 750 years last Saturday (Sept 24), Matichon newspaper said this evening.

However monks of this temple said on the Facebook page that a miracle occurred because this 500-year-old sacred pagoda is taller than a three-storey building but in collapsing did not hit the adjacent school.

An hour before its collapse the temple’s monks had alerted on their page that cracks had now appeared in the pagoda and they had to be careful.

Nevertheless they also mentioned that many sacred objects had been recovered.

The Thai Meteorological Department said at 4 p.m. today that Typhoon Noru that has weakened into a depression is now centred at Mueang district of Chaiyaphum provinces with maximum wind speeds near the centre of about 50 km / h.

This storm is moving in a westerly direction with a slight northern bend at the speed of around 10 km/h and is expected to further weaken into a strong low pressure cell in the next phase.

In addition, a strong southwesterly monsoon prevails over the Andaman Sea, the South and the Gulf of Thailand resulting in heavy rainfall in many areas and very heavy rain in some places in the North, Northeast, Central region, including Bangkok and its vicinity, the East and the South, with strong winds in the Northeast and Central regions.


The pagoda at Wat Srisuphan Silver Temple collapsing today, Sept, 29, 2022. Photos: Matichon

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