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Court admits error occurred in issuing new arrest warrant for Red Bull heir

A SPOKESMAN for the Court of Justice today (August 26) admitted that an administrative error occurred in issuing a new arrest warrant for Red Bull heir Yorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya with it initially listing two charges but this was later rectified and the third charge added, Thai Rath daily newspaper reported.

Judiciary spokesman Suriyan Hongwilai said he had checked the new arrest warrant that Thonglor police station had asked the Southern Bangkok Criminal Court to issue after revoking the previous on and found that it lists three charges.

These three charges are reckless driving causing death, illegal use of category 2 narcotic drug (cocaine), and driving in a way that harmed other people and not stopping the vehicle and providing reasonable assistance to the injured person.

However an administrative error had led to the new arrest warrant initially listing the first two charges with the third charge, failing to help the victim, not being mentioned. This was later rectified and three charges are now listed.

This administrative error occurred because the arrest warrant was issued in document form and it was not possible to check in the system before hand, he said.


Top: Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya. Photo: AFP published by BBC Thai language


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