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Top Thai stars cry for help over cyber sexual harassment

THREE famous Thai stars filed a complaint with the Technology Crime Suppression Division police urging them to track down a stalker who has sent them sexually threatening messages online, invited them to sleep with him and suggested that they become his secret wife leading to anxiety and fear, PostToday reported this afternoon (14.5.2020).

The three stars, “Grace” Patsita Athianantasak, “Toon” Pimpawee Kograbin and “Mink” Nattarinee Karnasuta, told Pol Col Siriwat Deepor, the division’s spokesman, that the online sexual assault took place on Instagram and Facebook with the stalker having also asked to buy their undergarments, particularly bras. When turned down, he threatened to continue cyber bullying them indefinitely.

The three stars suspect that the stalker is the same person who had earlier targeted another star, “Bo” Vanda Sahawong, in a similar manner and had also asked her to become his secret wife.

Another damaged party, Mr Chongsawat Thienpraphasophon, also filed a report that a criminal had used his name to set up a fake Facebook account that was the springboard to harass the three popular actresses with this damaging his reputation.

Pol Col Siriwat said cyber sexual harassment is a criminal offense but using another person’s photo to set up a fake Facebook account is an offense under the Computer Crime Act. Police investigation is underway.


The three actresses at the Technology Crime Suppression Division today. Photos: PostToday

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