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Super deal worked out in Hong Kong: Chuwit


FORMER MP and graft-buster Chuwit Kamolvisit said today (July 27) that a super deal was stuck in Hong Kong on Tuesday between former prime minister/de facto Pheu Thai Party boss Thaksin Shinawatra and some politicians who had gone there to meet him, Sanook.com said.

At a press conference entitled “Why is Thaksin returning home?” Chuwit alleged that the meeting took place at Peninsular Hotel, Kowloon, Hong Kong, during which it was agreed that the third House/senate meeting to vote for a prime minister would be just to show the people that Pheu Thai and Move Forward parties can no longer go any further in forming a majority government.

Thaksin’s daughter Paetongtarn Shinawatra confirmed in a Facebook post yesterday, which was his 74th birthday, that her father will be returning home after 17 years of self-exile overseas on August 10.

Chuwit is certain that Thailand will get its new prime minister at the fourth House/senate meeting with this to take place before August 15.

As he sees it, after the third vote for prime minister Pheu Thai will give up its attempt to form a majority government and allow Bhumjaithai as the third largest elected party under de facto party boss Newin Chidchob to take the lead in doing so.

As Bhumjaithai has expressed strong objection to the naming of Move Forward leader Pita Limjaroenrat for prime minister on grounds that his progressive party has invariably pushed for the campaign-promised amendment to the lese majeste law, better known as Section 112, it will form a coalition with Pheu Thai  being included while Move Forward will be pushed to the opposition, he said,

Chuwit added that this is a “formula to rob people’s votes”.

He also said that he is 80% certain Thaksin will return to Thailand on August 10 and the first thing he will do is kneeling and placing his forehead on the ground, his palms clasped together, in a traditional gesture of  respect for his motherland.

After that the legal process will kick in but Chuwit is certain no one will let the former prime minister share the jail with common criminals.

He added that Thaksin is entitled to ask for royal pardon and it will not be long before he is set free as otherwise the super deal would not have been struck.

During the press conference Chuwit also displayed a standee emblazoned with the message, “Thailand’s new prime minister – clearly honest or not?”


Top and Front Page: Former MP and graft-buster Chuwit Kamolvisit at today’s press conference. Photos: Thai Rath

Insert: Former prime minister/Pheu Thai Party boss Thaksin Shinawatra. Photo: Thai Rath

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